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Musk’s new pet dog photos have the same name altcoin soaring 14 times in one day-People-Elon Musk

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s tweet on Sunday sparked some altcoins, and the price of one of them soared by 1400% in 24 hours. Musk tweeted at the end of June that he would name his new pet dog Floki, that is, at that time, multiple Floki-themed altcoins began to appear.


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Musk posted a picture of his newly bought Shiba Inu Floki sleeping on Twitter on Sunday, and wrote a simple sentence: “Floki is home.”

Musk’s Twitter fans, including Dogecoin co-founder Billy Marcus, noticed the arrival of his latest pet. Marcus tweeted: “I like it.”

Unbelievably, this tweet by Musk has caused the price of some Dogecoin counterfeit products to skyrocket because they also have Folki in their name.


After Musk tweeted, the price of Shiba Floki rose by 1406.37% within 24 hours to $0.000000008379. In the past week, Shiba Floki has risen by 1036.14%.

The price of another altcoin, Floki Inu, rose by 104.15% within 24 hours to 0.00003291 US dollars, and once hit a new high of 0.00004065 US dollars, a cumulative increase of 68.72% in the past week.

In contrast, the price of genuine Dogecoin has not changed much, rising only 2.82% on Sunday, and has fallen by 20.72% in the past week.

At the same time, the price of “Baby Doge” (Baby Doge) rose by 0.76% in 24 hours, and fell by 26.66% in the past week.

Due to the influence of Musk and Dogecoin, the number of Americans who keep Shiba Inu as pets is increasing. Musk also revealed on Sunday that Floki, who had just arrived home, had not yet established a friendship with his other pet dog, Marvin.

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