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my country’s coal supply guarantee policies and measures have greatly increased production capacity-China Science and Technology Network

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my country’s coal supply guarantee policies and measures have greatly increased production capacity-China Science and Technology Network

In the face of cold weather, coal enterprises have fully released high-quality coal production capacity, increased energy supply, and made every effort to ensure energy supply.

Fully release high-quality coal production capacity to increase energy supply

In order to ensure the supply of energy during the peak winter, China Coal Group has produced more than 15 million tons of commercial coal and generated more than 4 billion kWh of electricity since the beginning of November, effectively guaranteeing the energy demand of key areas.

In addition, the 13 mines and 11 coal preparation plants affiliated to China Energy Group Shendong Coal are operating at full capacity, strictly implementing antifreeze measures, and increasing supervision of 21 loading stations.

Yan Peng, Deputy Captain of the First Fully Mechanized Mining Team of Shendong Shangwan Coal Mine of China Energy Group: We can produce a maximum of 48,000 tons of raw coal a day in a round (24 hours) shift. We strictly require the support work to be stable, fast, and accurate. While ensuring the output, we also control the quality of the project.

Policies and measures to guarantee coal supply have greatly increased production capacity

Recently, my country’s coal supply guarantee policies and measures have been effective and the effect is obvious. At the same time, the supply guarantee policy of large state-owned coal enterprises is in place, which effectively guarantees the safe and stable supply of national energy.

The reporter learned that this year, the relevant state departments have successively issued a series of measures to accelerate the nuclear increase of coal mine production capacity, accelerate the commissioning of projects under construction, accelerate the approval of new coal mine projects, and promote coal production enterprises to sign 100% medium and long-term contracts with coal power and heating enterprises. Coal supply and price stabilization policies and measures.

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Li Xueyuan, Deputy General Manager of China Coal Group Sales Company: China Coal Group strictly implements the long-term coal price agreement. Resolutely fulfill the responsibility of central enterprises to ensure supply, efficiently organize coal production, transportation and sales, and do a good job in ensuring coal supply during key periods, key regions, and key industries. Adhere to the bottom line of coal protection.

According to data from the China Coal Industry Association, from the perspective of major coal-producing provinces and key enterprises, in the first nine months of this year, coal production in eight major coal-producing provinces including Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, and Shaanxi increased by 380 million tons year-on-year. The coal output of 10 large state-owned enterprises including China National Energy and China Coal Group accounted for 52% of the country’s total, and their output increased by 140 million tons, accounting for 36% of the country’s output increase.

Zhang Hong, Spokesperson of China Coal Industry Association: A large number of large-scale modern coal mines and intelligent coal mines have been built, and they have become the main body of national coal production and supply. The signing of medium and long-term contracts for coal has promoted 100% fulfillment of the contract, and the inventory of coal has increased rapidly, providing a basis for the guarantee of coal supply this winter and next spring.

New Equipment Helps Coal Enterprises Improve Supply Guarantee Capabilities

In addition to the implementation of the supply guarantee policy, new technologies and smart equipment have also greatly improved the supply guarantee capabilities of coal companies, and the proportion of advanced production capacity has continued to increase.

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In the Dahaize Coal Mine in Yulin, Shaanxi Province, once the single air film reinforced concrete structure ball warehouse with the largest storage capacity in Asia was completed, it was put into the work of ensuring coal supply in winter. This is a major breakthrough in the construction of coal bunkers in the construction technology of air-film reinforced concrete structures independently developed by my country.

Tang Jingdong, Deputy General Manager of China Coal Group Jian’an Company: The air-film reinforced concrete spherical coal storage bunker independently developed and built by us has a single bunker diameter of 66 meters and a height of 65.09 meters, which can store 100,000 tons of raw coal, effectively reducing the storage and transportation costs of coal bulk materials.

Compared with traditional coal bunkers, such a “gas-film coal storage bunker” can reduce labor costs by 70% and steel reinforcement consumption by 26% during construction, which can effectively save energy consumption. In addition, Dahaize Coal Mine has realized automation, intelligent and efficient links from underground coal mining to truck loading and delivery, and has taken the lead in realizing the two major technological innovations of “full coverage of the production system digital twin” and “high efficiency and fewer people in the whole production process”. A substantial increase, the highest single-day output reached 57,000 tons.

In Ordos, Inner Mongolia, the Longwanggou Coal Mine, one of the first demonstration mines for the construction of intelligent mines in the country, has effectively increased coal production efficiency by about 30% by using intelligent robots in various scenarios. At present, all 15 fixed places above and below the mine have been unattended, and the number of production personnel in a single shift in the mine is less than 80, which has truly achieved the construction goal of 1,000 people and 10 million tons. The production capacity of the mine has been increased from 10 million tons per year to 12 million tons per year.

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