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Mysteel Daily: The general price of Shandong construction steel transactions may have a certain upside

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[Today’s price]

On the 13th, the price of building materials in Shandong market continued to rise, with prices in various regions rising by 80-90 yuan/ton. In early trading, the prices of local steel mills in Shandong were generally raised, and the market prices were also actively rising by about 80 yuan/ton, and the market price rose to 5540-5560 yuan/ton.

Table 1: Prices in the four mainstream cities in the Shandong market

Data source: Steel Union data

【market outlook】

Today’s snail disks continue to strengthen. In the early trading, the prices of steel mills in the local and surrounding markets are mainly rising, and the market reacted more positively and generally followed the rise. In the afternoon, the future snails weakened, the market price loosened, and the terminal acceptance decreased, and the overall transaction slowed down.

【Regional Spread】

Today, the price of building materials in Jinan is quite different from that in major cities across the country. From a regional perspective, the market prices in Xiong’an and Shandong are trending strong, while prices in the Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions represented by Shanghai and Hangzhou have declined, with a relatively small extent. On the whole, although regional prices are further differentiated, whether the spread between North and South will widen next week requires your attention.

Table 2: The price difference between Shandong and major cities across the country

Data source: Steel Union data

[Forecast next week]

Judging from today’s market performance, the market’s sentiment towards high-priced resources receiving goods is general, especially the terminal’s enthusiasm for receiving goods has decreased. However, the current production restriction policy has become stricter, the supply side has been severely reduced, and the cost of raw materials is supported, and the price of finished products may have a certain room for increase.

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[Sample description]

1. The price is the last online price of my steel net on the day;

2. The transaction volume is the same day in 13 sample cities in Shandong.

(Article source: My Iron and Steel Network)


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