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Nancai Observation No. 70 (3): Nvidia’s market value increased by “1 Moutai” overnight – 21 Economic Network

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Nvidia Stock Price Skyrockets After Explosive Results Announced

Nvidia, the renowned U.S. chipmaker, made headlines on Thursday as its stock price surged by more than 16.4%, setting a new record high. The company’s market value soared by an impressive US$277 billion, making it equivalent to the combined value of 0.7 Tencent, 0.9 Moutai, 2.8 CATL, and 3.5 Nvidia itself. CEO Huang Renxun also experienced a substantial increase in his net worth, which now stands at US$69.2 billion, propelling him to the 21st spot on the list of the world‘s wealthiest individuals.

Major investment institutions on Wall Street reacted positively to Nvidia’s explosive results, with many raising their stock target prices. The highest target price set by analysts reached an impressive US$1,100. The heightened demand for chips in the field of artificial intelligence has undoubtedly fueled Nvidia’s capital market success.

Despite its remarkable performance, Nvidia faces looming threats in the form of competitors vying for a share of the AI chip market. Both AMD and Intel are looking to challenge Nvidia’s dominance, while Microsoft is developing alternatives to Nvidia’s network cards. This could potentially pose challenges for Nvidia in the near future, with some speculating that the company’s stock price may need to take a breather to readjust its valuation expectations.

Looking ahead, analysts highlight the vast opportunities present in the AI industry chain, suggesting that the benefits of this wave of AI dividends extend beyond Nvidia. As the industry continues to evolve, there are promising opportunities for growth and exploration in the supporting and downstream applications of artificial intelligence technology.

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With the future of Nvidia and the AI industry in focus, Gao Qian from Nancai Observation will closely monitor developments for the upcoming week, providing insights into the ever-evolving landscape of the tech sector.

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