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Naples, 13-year-old stabbed: “Jealous of my success on Tik Tok”. The mother

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Naples, 13-year-old stabbed: “Jealous of my success on Tik Tok”.  The mother

Very and Sasy. Photo Tik Tok

Naples, 13 year old stabbed and the heavy accusation of the tiktoker mother

And 13 year old boy a Napoli he was stabbed on Saturday night, apparently for no reason, by a boy of his age. But behind the dispute there would be i socialor better mother’s success of the victim, the influencer Very e Sasy. It was the same woman who explained the reason for the ambush against her son. The raid, according to the victim’s testimony, did not happen because of previous disputes. The 13-year-old approached and struck twice in the left abdomen the other kid to then escape and take refuge in a department store. There it was arrested and now he will be judged by the Juvenile Court. But the tiktoker Veronica: “I am ready to wage war on everyone. The 13-year-old – the woman tells il Mattino – had a knife. We need more security. A mother cannot stay with this thought”.

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“My son – continues the mother of the injured boy in the Morning – he did nothing and has not quarreled with anyone. There wasn’t no precedent. Not even old frictions. She told me she didn’t know the attacker but they both have mutual friends. Saturday night it appears the 13 year old who hit my son had it already deliberately bumped and then suddenly hit him. She hit him and he walked away. The explanation I gave myself is that of jealousy towards our family. I’m angry because social media is a game but jealousies and envies arise. The boy is the son of influencers Very and Sasy, for this he was struck“, he argues.

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