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National Copyright Administration responds to Audi advertising plagiarism incident

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Source: Caijing Network2022-05-24 22:56

Caijing.com Auto News May 24 news, recently, Audi and Andy Lau’s cooperation advertising plagiarism has caused heated discussions. On May 23, a reporter from China Press, Publication, Radio and Television interviewed the relevant person in charge of the Copyright Administration of the Central Propaganda Department. They all expressed respect for originality and took active measures to resolve disputes. Protecting copyright, resisting plagiarism and combating piracy have become the mainstream voices of the majority of netizens, which to a certain extent reflects the improvement of copyright awareness in the whole society. It is not easy to come by, and it is the result of the joint efforts of the whole society. I hope that every market player will strictly abide by the copyright law, continuously enhance their copyright awareness, improve the copyright mechanism, standardize copyright operation, and actively prevent and properly handle various copyright disputes.”

On May 21, on the solar term of Xiaoman, Audi officially released an advertising video “Little Man” in cooperation with film and television star Andy Lau, which attracted widespread attention. But then, a blogger named “Peking University Mange” posted a video, claiming that the “Little Man” commercial plagiarized the copywriting of a video he posted a year ago.

In the face of doubts, FAW Audi issued an official apology statement, saying: “We sincerely apologize for the trouble caused to Mr. Andy Lau, Peking University Mange and related parties due to poor supervision and lax review in this incident.”

In addition, FAW Audi stated, “The advertisement of “Little Man” was reported and executed by the agency M&C Saatchi (Shangsi Advertising). Based on the principle of not evading the problem, we have instructed it to deal with the copyright infringement as soon as possible. A satisfactory answer from the public. At the same time, before the facts are officially clarified, Audi’s official channels will fully remove the video.”

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On May 22, People’s Daily published a quick comment on the “plagiarism of Audi advertising copy”.

People’s Daily commented: “Creativity belongs to creativity, and law belongs to law. Today’s consensus on intellectual property protection is no longer a “sleeping consciousness”. The key is how to do it. Big brands and big companies should especially take the lead, and any individual, company, or platform should have a strong sense of copyright, rules, and laws. In this way, the “bringing doctrine” of plagiarism and handling can be restrained, and the standardized use and legal rights protection can be effective. The protection of intellectual property rights is the greatest incentive, and we must not cause “car accidents” and hurt others and ourselves.

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