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National Energy Day, what you need to know about the proposal of the Guido Carli foundation

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National Energy Day, what you need to know about the proposal of the Guido Carli foundation

Calling all stakeholders together to take stock each year of the state of the country’s economic, professional, social, physical and mental “energies”. The establishment of a National Energy Day is the first of the five proposals in the Manifesto to overcome the energy crisis which will accompany the inaugural convention of the Guido Carli Foundation on 2 December in Rome, at Villa Blanc, dedicated to the theme «Brave energies. Forces that make the world move.” The document, free from any political connotation, is the contribution of supporting ideas
of the government action offered by the Foundation, together with the representatives of the institutions, the business world,
of culture, health and sport that will compete during the appointment.
«I wanted to address the current issue with a holistic approach, which knows how to look not only at energy as a primary economic asset, but also at the energies necessary for a just and inclusive ecological transition, which leaves no one behind», explains Romana Liuzzo, President of the Guido Carli Foundation. «My dream is the birth of a National Energy Day that is preceded by territorial assemblies, a sort of “states general” that could start from the main cities, starting with Rome and Milan. To overcome the tragedy of the pandemic
Italy has fielded and demonstrated its best qualities to the world. I am convinced that even in front of this
new crisis, with the war that has returned to bring ruin and destruction to the heart of the Old Continent, we will give the
better than us. It is enough to know how to draw from the heritage of “generative forces” present in all areas, which have us
allowed to grow to 6.6% in 2021 and to close 2022 presumably at 3.4%: solidarity, collective intelligence, skills, innovation, responsibility, inclusion, Europe. The words and values ​​of my grandfather, Guido Carli».
The Manifesto, which will be discussed at the Convention, is divided into five proposals ranging from the establishment of a National Energy Day to the push for renewable energy to professional and social energies.

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