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“Nazis? No, it was a marching band.” Via Rasella, storm over La Russa

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“Nazis? No, it was a marching band.”  Via Rasella, storm over La Russa

Fosse Ardeatine, storm over La Russa: “Via Rasella? They weren’t Nazis, but a musical band”

It’s stormy President of the Senate Ignazio La Russawho in an interview with “Terraverso”, a Libero podcast, responding to the criticism of Prime Minister Meloni about the Fosse Ardeatine massacre referring to “Italian dead” he declared: “Via Rasella was a far from noble page of the Resistancethose killed were a marching band of semi-retired, non-Nazi SS men”.

And again: “When Meloni says ‘killed because’ Italians” referring to the martyrs of the Fosse Ardeatine, “he knows in his head that these Italians were anti-fascists, Jews, political prisoners, someone who knows even fascists, but he has to enclose them in a single word, says ‘because they are Italians’. Making a scandal out of it means wanting to make a controversy having no arguments”. Meloni, added La Russa, “knows very well that those Italians were killed in retaliation after what the partisans had done in Via Rasella”.

Immediate the reply to the objectionsThat have repeatedly declared the inadequacy of La Russa to fill the role of president of the Senate: “To the political forces that organized the Resistance, and among them to the Italian communists, we all owe the conquest of freedom and democracy, which the fascist tyranny had killed, and the foundation of our Republic. President La Russa pays respect to the history of who founded La Repubblica. It is on the basis of the sacrifice of the partisans, and among them many communists, that today he can sit at the top of our Republic” declared Senator Francesco Verducciof the Culture Commission of the Senate.

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Words accompanied by the wrath ofNational Association of partisans (Anpi): “La Russa’s words are simply unworthy for the high office he holds and represent yet another, very serious tear aimed at acquitting fascism and delegitimizing the Resistance” said the president Gianfranco Pagliarulo. “The third battalion of the Polizeiregiment was hit in via Rasella while parading armed to the teeth – recalls Pagliarulo – was completing training for then go and fight the Allies and the partisans, as actually happened. The other two battalions of the Polizeiregiment had long been engaged in Istria and Veneto against the partisans”

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