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Net outflow of 2.15 billion people to buy Li Ning and Tencent

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The Hang Seng Index opened 93 points lower at 27,395 points. Up to 43 points to 27532 points, up to 368 points to 27121 points. The Hang Seng Index closed at 27,259 points, down 230 points or 0.84%.According to the quota, Beishui all dayNet inflow2.15 billion yuan, an increase of 5601.9%.The stocks that Beishui Net bought the most areLi Ning(02331)、Cinda Bio(01801)、China Resources Beer(00291); The order with the most net sales isTencent Holdings(00700)、Weimob Group(02013)、China National Offshore Oil Corporation(00883)。

Main board turnover was 139.535 billion yuan, a decrease of 2.3%.among themHong Kong Stock ConnectThe turnover was 35.21 billion yuan, accounting for 25.2% of the total turnover.

*U.S. stocks are dragged down by the rush, and Tencent is hard to avoid.*

  Li NingIt rose 3.01% to 94.2 yuan, and Beishui Net bought 370 million yuan.Cinda BioIt fell 3.86% to 87.1 yuan, and Beishui Net bought 320 million yuan.China Resources BeerIt rose 2% to 68.85 yuan, and Beishui Net bought 200 million yuan. Removed from the shelves for more than a month of rectification “Sogou“Input Method” and “Xunfei Input Method” have been relaunched in major Android app stores. However, affected by the sharp decline of the three major US stock indexes last night, the sentiment of Hong Kong stocks deteriorated.Tencent HoldingsIt fell 1.27% to 542.5 yuan, and Beishui Net sold 3.35 billion yuan.Weimob GroupIt fell 8.53% to 10.94 yuan, and Beishui Net sold 570 million yuan.China National Offshore Oil CorporationIt fell 1.75% to 7.84 yuan, and Beishui Net sold 490 million yuan.

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(Article source: Economic Link China Station)

Article source: Economic Link China Station

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Original title:[Beishui fried D 乜]net outflow of 2.15 billion yuan, buy Li Ning and Tencent

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