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New Porsche 911 Gt3 RS: all there is to the 525 hp sports car

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New Porsche 911 Gt3 RS: all there is to the 525 hp sports car

No compromises. The new Porsche 911 GT3 Rs has been designed to achieve maximum performance. The 525 hp road sports car makes full use of the technology and concepts typical of motorsport. Beyond the powerful naturally aspirated engine with racing DNA and the intelligent solutions for lightening the structure, the cooling system and aerodynamics are above all the innovations that the new sports car from the Zuffenhausen house comes with.

From motorsport to production cars: the foundation of active aerodynamics

Underlying the significant increase in performance is a centrally mounted radiator scheme, first adopted on the 911 Rsr, already a winner at Le Mans, and later on the 911 Gt3 R. Instead of the three-radiator configuration already used in the cars previous, the new 911 Gt3 Rs relies on a large central radiator, mounted at an angle in the front of the car, where in other 911 models the trunk is located. This made it possible to use the space left free on the sides to integrate active aerodynamic elements. The new 911 Gt3 Rs guarantees 409 kg of overall downforce at 200 km / h. In other words, it develops twice as much downforce than its 991.2 generation predecessor and three times that of a current 911 Gt3. At 285 km / h, the total downforce is 860 kg.

And, for the first time, a drag reduction system (DRS) is fitted to a production Porsche: the aerodynamic brake function is activated during emergency braking at high speed.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS, all the photos of the new supercar

Porsche 911 GT3 RS, all the photos of the new supercar

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Aerodynamics and style

The look of the new 911 GT3 Rs is distinguished by the large number of functional aerodynamic elements. The most obvious feature of this sports car is the rear wing with gooseneck attachment, which is considerably larger in all dimensions. The wing consists of a fixed main wing element and a hydraulically adjustable upper wing module. For the first time in a production Porsche, the upper edge of the wing is positioned higher than the car roof. Furthermore, the front of the 911 GT3 Rs no longer features a front spoiler, but a front splitter that distributes the air flowing above and below the car.

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Track suspension adjustable from the driver’s seat

The suspension is also the subject of attention from an aerodynamic point of view. Since the wheel arches of the new 911 GT3 Rs are exposed to intense air passages, the components of the double-arm front axle have been designed with teardrop profiles. These aerodynamically efficient elements increase downforce on the front axle by approximately 40kg at top speed and are usually only used in high-level motorsport. Since the track is wider (29 millimeters more than in the 911 GT3), the tie rods of the double-arm front axle are also correspondingly longer.

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