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Original title: Express | China Merchants Securities trading system “collapsed” ushered in punishment

Every reporter: Chen Chen Every editor: Wu Yongjiu

On April 2, Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau issued a decision to order corrective measures against China Merchants Securities. The Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau stated that in the cybersecurity incident on March 14, 2022, China Merchants Securities had problems such as imperfect change management, untimely and in-place emergency response. The above behavior violated the relevant provisions of the “Administrative Measures for Information Security Assurance in the Securities and Futures Industry” and the “Administrative Measures for Information Technology of Securities Fund Operating Institutions”.

Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau decided to take administrative supervision measures against China Merchants Securities to order corrections. “Your company should further strengthen the overall planning of the construction of important information systems, fully understand the system structure and internal operating mechanism, strengthen R&D, testing, online, upgrade and change, and operation and maintenance management, improve the emergency response mechanism, and ensure the professional ability of key personnel. Quantity allocation to ensure the safe and stable operation of the information system; at the same time, your company should carry out internal accountability of the responsible personnel for this incident. Your company should complete the above rectification work within 3 months and submit a rectification report to our bureau.” Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau said.

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