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Next week lift the ban on the market value of over 100 billion photovoltaic glass faucets the most pressure (with shares)_Sina Finance_Sina Network

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The market value of the lifting of the ban will exceed 100 billion next week, and 45 shares will face lifting of the ban.

The China Securities Regulatory Commission issued a “ticket” on the 1st of 2022

Kimenta’s 5-year financial fraud and false increase in revenue of 23 billion yuan

The website of the China Securities Regulatory Commission recently disclosed the “ticket” No. 1 of 2022. According to the content of the penalty notice,goldChia Tai Ecological Engineering Group Co., Ltd. and 8executiveA total of 7.55 million yuan was fined, and three of the main responsible persons were banned from the market for 3-10 years.

Kim Zhengda isST Kim Jong(rights protection)Founded in 1998 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in September 2010, the main business is the research and development, production and sales of compound fertilizers, slow and controlled release fertilizers, nitro fertilizers, water-soluble fertilizers and other products. Kingenta’s compound fertilizer sales have been the industry’s first for many years, and the company’s actual controller Wan Lianbu is also known as the “fertilizer king”.

With the release of this fine, Kim Zhengda’s five-year financial report fraud came to light.According to the investigation by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, from 2015 to the first half of 2018, Kingenta and some of its subsidiaries within the scope of the consolidated statements made false statements with its suppliers, customers and other external units.contractidle funds, carry out fictitious trade business without actual logistics,The accumulative inflated income was 23.073 billion yuan, the inflated cost was 21.084 billion yuan, and the total inflated profit was 1.99 billion yuan.

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Among them, in 2015, the company’s total inflated profit was 159 million yuan, accounting for 12.2% of the total disclosed profit; in 2016, the company’s total inflated profit was 1.045 billion yuan, accounting for 99.22% of the current total disclosed profit; in 2017, the total inflated profit was 4.5% 100 million yuan, accounting for 48.33% of the total disclosed profit for the current period; in 2018, the total inflated profit was 334 million yuan, accounting for 28.81% of the total disclosed profit for the current period. In addition, Kingenta is also suspected of failing to disclose related parties and related transactions as required. The actual controller, Wan Lianbu, conducted related-party transactions through a company controlled by his sister, Wan Yajun, and related funds for extracorporeal circulation.

Based on the facts, nature, circumstances and the degree of social harm of the parties’ illegal acts, the CSRC decides toKimenta ordered corrections, gave a warning, and imposed a fine of 1.5 million yuanWan Lianbu was given a warning and a fine of 2.4 million yuan; gave a warning to Li Jiguo, the then deputy general manager and chief financial officer, and imposed a fine of 600,000 yuan; gave a warning to Tang Yong, the then manager of the financial department and director of the financial center, and imposed a fine of 550,000 yuan; Cui Bin, Gao Yiwu, Yan Mingxiao, Zheng Shulin, and Xu Hengjun gave warnings and fined 500,000 yuan each.

According to the market ban decision,The China Securities Regulatory Commission has decided to impose a 10-year market ban on Wan Lianbuimposed a five-year market ban on Li Jiguo and a three-year market ban on Tang Yong.

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  ST Kim JongSince the beginning of this year, the stock price has fallen by 10.63%. According to the data of the third quarterly report in 2021, the company’s shareholdingshareholderThere are 64,400 households.

Next week, 45 shares will be lifted with a total market value of 117 billion yuan

45 stocks will be lifted next week, according to the latest closing price,The total lifted market value is 117.006 billion yuan.

There are 3 shares with a market value of over 10 billion lifted, namelyFollettCITIC SecuritiesLihua shares.The largest lifting of the ban isFollett1.159 billion shares will be listed and circulated next week, mainly the original shareholders of the IPORestricted sharescopies, and the market value of the lifting of the ban reached 48.041 billion yuan. The company is a leading photovoltaic glass enterprise. Through independent research and development, it has become the first domestic enterprise to break the technology and market monopoly of photovoltaic glass by international giants, and has successfully realized the localization of photovoltaic glass.

fromUnbanned sharesIn terms of the proportion of the number to the total share capital, the market value of 2 shares lifted from the ban exceeds 50%.Lihua sharesThe proportion of lifting the ban ranks first, reaching 68.24%,Follettdriving forceBeiqing Ring EnergyZhengping sharesFuling Electric PowerJinhe BiologicalThe proportion of the lifting of the ban on equal shares is among the top.

Data treasure statistics show that the stock prices of the 45 stocks that will be lifted next week have fallen by an average of 14.9% since January, underperforming the broader market.Luoyang GlassHaitian RuishengDaotong TechnologyInhandongIts stock price has fallen more than 30% this year.Zhengping sharesThe company’s share price rose the first, driven by the infrastructure sector, the company has risen by 18.67% this year.

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Currently 24 shares have been released for 2021performanceAdvance or Express. According to the forecast median or express,CITIC SecuritiesThe estimated net profit amount of the company is the highest. The company’s total operating income in 2021 is 76.57 billion yuan, a year-on-year 40.8%.net profitIt was 22.979 billion yuan, 54.2% year-on-year.

  Tailong sharesNanya New MaterialsAwinic ElectronicsInhandongOne StoneHuafeng Measurement and ControlBeiqing Ring EnergyIts 2021 results are expected to double year-on-year.

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