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No more worrying about insufficient balance

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No more worrying about insufficient balance

No more worrying about insufficient “digital wallet” balance! The new “use and charge” function on the Digital RMB App. On August 23, the digital RMB (pilot version) App launched a new “recharge as needed” function, that is, the automatic recharging function between the funds in the bank card account and the digital RMB wallet.


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Reporter/Wang Huirong

The updated version of the digital RMB App is iOS1.0.12 and Android The update page said: “The digital RMB payment service has been upgraded! It is more convenient to add a bank card to the wallet, and it is more convenient to use and recharge.”

According to the introduction of the app, the “recharge as needed” function means that if the digital RMB wallet has an associated bank card, if the balance is insufficient during payment (including paying with a sub-wallet at the merchant), it will automatically recharge from the associated bank card to wallet and complete the payment, the recharge amount is the part that needs to be supplemented for the current payment; if multiple bank cards are associated, the recharge will be attempted in the order of the bank cards. If users do not want to use this function, they can turn off the “Bank Card Deduction Switch” in “Wallet Management” – “Bank Card Management”.

The relevant description of the app also gives a specific example: if you buy a product of 100 yuan, the wallet balance is only 90 yuan, and the wallet is linked to a bank card, the system will automatically deduct 10 yuan from the bank card to recharge the money into the wallet, and complete the payment. If multiple bank cards are linked, and the first bank card fails to charge, the system will continue to try to charge the wallet from the second bank card until the charge is successful or all bank cards fail.

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The surging news reporter noticed that after adding a bank card to the wallet, it will display information about the deduction of the new function bank card, such as the return of the original way of payment failure, and the order of bank card deduction can be adjusted. The details include: if multiple bank cards are associated, the bank will try to charge the money in the order of the bank cards; if the payment fails after charging, the funds deducted from the bank card will be returned to the bank card; if you need to adjust the deduction sequence of the bank card, you can go to Settings in “My” – “Wallet Management” – “Select Wallet” – “Bank Card Management”.


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