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Noon, all investments: from Capgemini and Pirelli to Lutech and Ntt

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Noon, all investments: from Capgemini and Pirelli to Lutech and Ntt

It could be called the second way. Together with smart working we find flexible working, which allows workers to combine work performance, teamwork and a good balance between personal life and working life. And it is a second way that leads directly to the South, following a road that now appears mandatory. A road, to say, that was undertaken by Get hold of itthe consulting company considered a world leader in supporting companies in the digital and business transformation journey.

Get hold of it

Capgemini, which in Italy has 8,700 employees spread across twenty offices throughout the country, has decided to focus in particular on Campania e Puglia: The company plans to hire a total of 1,500 people within the next five years in the offices of Salernoor (where it is the only consultancy company on the market) e Bari. «We have always been attentive to the dynamics of the academic and scholastic world: for this reason we have chosen to focus on Bari and Salerno, two cities that boast the presence of excellent university centres, which every year form a large pool of young people with high levels of skills in STEM and economic disciplines – he says Michelangelo Ceresani, Human Resources Director of Capgemini Italy -. By joining Capgemini, young people have the opportunity to remain in their places of origin and at the same time be part of an international reality, working with colleagues from all over the world on projects that concern different industrial sectors. Our salary policy is obviously the same in all offices that the company counts on the national territory, from North to South».

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Bari is very popular in recent times. Here on 2 December Pirelli (which has planned an investment of 9 million between 2022 and 2024) officially inaugurates the “Digital Solutions Center”, a new center for the development of software and digital solutions born from a constructive meeting between the public and private sectors: 50 new hires are expected by 2025 among recent graduates and managers specialized in software development, in particular in computer science, software engineering, data science , artificial intelligence, machine learning and smart manufacturing. The new professional figures will join the approximately 160 people who currently work in the Pirelli Digital team in Italy.


He always aims at Bari Lutech, a European player in IT services and solutions, with about three thousand employees and already 60 offices in Italy, which has planned a total investment of 24 million in the South in two solutions: the group plans to build a new data center at the Recas del Campus and the hiring of 500 technicians over the next five years, making the Bari site a real center of expertise. Meanwhile, in recent months Lutech has started collaborations with the Apulian universities (Bari Polytechnic, University of Bari Aldo Moro, Lum), and with the technical institutes present in the area and the company will be involved in the Apulia digital training courses for Its.

Above Steria

Sopra Steria, (consulting, digital services and software development) has instead inaugurated the new offices in recent months at the headquarters in Ariano Irpino in the province of Avellino, within the Biogem Research Center. Qui Sopra Steria can count on 60 resources. The Campania office in the Avellino area (in addition to the Naples – Pozzuoli office, with 78 resources), like the rest of the group, can count on smart working, adopted and promoted by Sopra Steria a year ahead of the pandemic. And now it is betting on the doubling of the workforce in its offices in the South over the next three years. «We are thrilled that the Ariano Irpino office continues to grow, in a context of innovation and research such as the one created by Biogem – said Stefania Pompili, CEO of Sopra Steria Italia -, Sopra Steria bets on territories that represent a precious pool of skills and will to do”.

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