Home Business Northbound funds today bought 2.37 billion yuan in net purchases of Wuliangye 1.261 billion yuan and Kweichow Moutai 1.016 billion yuan

Northbound funds today bought 2.37 billion yuan in net purchases of Wuliangye 1.261 billion yuan and Kweichow Moutai 1.016 billion yuan

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Northbound funds bought 2.37 billion yuan today, a net purchaseWuliangye1.261 billion yuan,Kweichow Moutai1.016 billion yuan, net soldYili shares597 million yuan,WuXi AppTec295 million yuan.

The three major A-share indexes maintained a turbulent consolidation situation throughout the day today, and finally closed mixed.Shanghai IndexClosed out of four consecutive positives, once regained the 3,600-point integer mark in the intraday market. Market turnover remained above one trillion yuan, reaching 1.2 trillion yuan today, breaking through one trillion yuan for the 24th consecutive trading day. The industry sector has mixed ups and downs, and the Meta Universe and the rare earth permanent magnet sector led the gains strongly.Photovoltaic equipmentThe sector led the decline.

Specifically, the Shanghai Composite Index closed up 0.10% to close at 3,592.70 points;Shenzhen Component IndexFell by 0.12% to close at 14,887.60 points;Growth Enterprise Market IndexIt fell 0.40% to close at 3,478.66 points.

Regarding the market outlook, institutions have expressed their views.

  Soochow SecuritiesAnalyze, the current market is strong and began to adjust spontaneously after breaking away from the downward channel.Cash flowThe movement is relatively active, and the overall sector rotation is relatively healthy, and there is no rapid trend of rapid ups and downs for the time being. From an operational point of view, investors can gradually increase their positions when the market undergoes a benign adjustment, choose popular sectors for short-term trading, and grasp the long-term market.

  Everbright SecuritiesIt is pointed out that the current A-share market is still under the pressure of “stabilizing economic growth + counter-cyclical and cross-cyclical policies waiting to be applied + corporatePerformanceThe stage of “vacuum period”. Under the goal of stable growth and stable employment, the macro liquidity in the fourth quarter is expected to remain relatively abundant, which will help the A-share “cross-year market” to unfold as scheduled. Therefore, although the market is under pressure in the short term, it is mid to long term. Looking at it, the upward trend of A shares is expected to remain unchanged.

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GalaxySecuritiesIt is pointed out that investor sentiment is still high, and the New Year’s Eve market is still expected to start ahead of schedule, and the structural market will increase alternately around science and technology innovation and consumption. After the adjustment of science and technology since July, under the background of continuous improvement of policies and systems in the multi-level capital market to support science and technology innovation, the main line of the market is expected to return to the high-tech and high-growth technology and high-end manufacturing fields.

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