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Nursery bonus 2022, the form for questions on the INPS website is online from today

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Nursery bonus 2022, the form for questions on the INPS website is online from today

Green light to the nest bonus. One of the few measures to support families that have not been included in the universal single allowance. The government has allocated 553.8 million for the whole of 2022: considering that the maximum benefit amounts to 3 thousand euros per family, the applications that can be accepted will not be more than 185 thousand. The INPS website, in fact, clarifies that the will be provided on the basis of the order of electronic submission of the application. The reimbursement, however, will never exceed the fee paid.

Bonetti: “Go to the single check and the nest bonus remains”

Giuliano Balestreri

The checks are disbursed on the basis of the ISEE, in the absence of which “the installment due not exceeding € 1,500 per year (€ 136.37 per month) will be counted, it being understood that if a valid ISEE for minors is subsequently presented, starting from that date, the increased amount will be paid up to a maximum of 3,000 euros per year, subject to the requirements “.

The sum is paid monthly in the case of a nursery bonus, and a one-off payment for forms of support at one’s home. Among other things, it can be received by bank transfer or in the form of a credit to the current or bank account. The parent of a minor – of whom he is a parent or guardian – who has paid the fee for attending a nursery school or, in the case of forms of home assistance, the cohabiting parent of born / adopted minors unable to attend nursery schools for the whole year as they suffer from serious chronic diseases, certified by a pediatrician. In both cases, the applicant must have, on the date of submission of the application, Italian or European citizenship or a residence permit with residence in Italy.

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Regarding the questions, INPS announced some news through the Facebook page Inps for the family. The post states that «it will be possible to self-certify the amount when attaching the invoice for which reimbursement is requested; the monthly amount must include the payment of the tuition and meals relating to the monthly salary and the stamp duty, but must not include the enrollment in the nursery, pre and post school and VAT; in the latter case, crèches managed by a social cooperative are an exception ».

And again: “The mobile invoice attachment function has been adapted with the new bonus indications” and there will be pre-filled questions for 2021 beneficiaries. The INPS also specifies that the IBAN, included in the application, must be in the name of the applicant

In the bonus presentation form, INPS provides further clarifications. For children who turn three years old during the year of submission of the application, it is possible to request a refund of only the monthly payments between January and August

If the applicant intends to benefit from the benefit for several children, it will be necessary to submit an application for each of them. However, please note that “expenses incurred for childcare services other than those provided by nurseries (eg playrooms, play areas, baby spaces, pre-school, etc. baby parking) are excluded from the reimbursement for which the regulations of local authorities provide for simplified structural and management requirements, reduced hours and different authorizations than those identified for nursery schools “.

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