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Oceanus arrives, the first sustainable ship for scientific research at sea

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Oceanus arrives, the first sustainable ship for scientific research at sea

A new era is about to emerge from the sea. That ofzero-emission oceanography. To testify the latest progress in this field is the project of ocean, the first self-powered long-range scientific research vessel. Commissioned by Plymouth Marine Laboratory (United Kingdom), the boat will be 23.5 meters long by 3.5 meters wide and powered by two battery electric motors. The accumulators, in turn, will receive recharge from a diesel generator and a complex of photovoltaic modules integrated into the ship’s deck. Primarily designed for a transatlantic sampling voyage from United Kingdom at Falkland, Oceanus will be equipped with a series of monitoring sensors for the collection of oceanographic data, along with cameras, a multi-beam sonar and a depth sensing system. A sophisticated artificial intelligence program will help the vessel identify the best route to the target position, communicating weather forecasts and other data from the sea in real time.

Not bad, in short. Icarus Allen, managing director of the Plymouth Marine Laboratory, calls it “an extremely exciting undertaking, with the ability to revolutionize the way we conduct marine research expeditions and support the drive towards zero emissions.” The Oceanus will be able to build on the latest artificial intelligence technology, pushing beyond the current frontiers of sea searches to open up new opportunities for monitoring the ocean environment. “Not long ago this would have been science fiction stuff,” he says Allen – but through the design and development of the Oceanus we are truly projecting ourselves into the future of research “.

The ocean provides us with clean air, it regulates the climate, is home to much of the biodiversity on Earth and is critical to our economy. And since our future also depends on its state of health, the ocean must be protected. This is confirmed by the commitment thatUe he renewed at the conference “Our Ocean” from Palauco-organized by United States last April. One billion euros, half of which dedicated to funding research on the key role of the ocean in climate neutrality and the restoration of nature. “The sum that the EU is pledging is significant, but not like the role that the ocean plays in our very existence,” said the commissioner Ue all’environment e alla pesca, Virginijus Sinkevicius. The EU has made over 40 commitments on issues such as marine protected areas, the fight against marine pollution, the climate crisis and the blue economy. It has also developed, thanks to the satellite system Copernicusa monitoring tool to enable citizens to follow progress in implementing commitments.

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