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Official announcement, new image and new LOGO of Kaiyi Automobile _TOM News

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Official announcement, new image and new LOGO of Kaiyi Automobile _TOM News

In the context of the global carbon neutrality vision and China’s accelerated realization of the “dual carbon” goal, the 2022 World Power Battery Conference was held in Yibin, Sichuan from July 21 to 23. Taking advantage of the conference, Kaiyi Motors officially released the company’s new LOGO and brand strategy.

For the design of the new LOGO, the official interpretation of Kaiyi Motors is: a new visual system with many attributes such as technology, trend and fashion. By releasing the new LOGO, Kaiyi Auto will create a more open and friendly brand image. Specifically, the new LOGO is the first letter Y of Kaiyi’s “wing”. After the pictographic design, it is full of fighter-style mecha wind. It indicates that Kaiyi Motors will spread its wings forward with all its strength and move forward bravely towards the grand blueprint! It marks the beginning of a new chapter for the enterprise.

Official announcement, new image and new LOGO of Kaiyi Automobile

In the new era, the LOGO of a car brand is not only a pattern, but also represents the brand’s image and corporate culture. Users are not only consumers, but also partners who move forward together. In the process of transforming and upgrading to the new energy track, Kaiyi Automobile will also pay more attention to the communication with users. Continue to establish and deepen the brand rejuvenation label and deepen the awareness of the young circle.

Kaiyi’s first model with the new LOGO is the new mid-size SUV i-FA01, which is based on the i-FA platform, one of the three major i platforms of Kaiyi Motors. It is a product with strong competitiveness in the market segment in terms of technology, intelligence, power, space, etc. Ferrari’s design team has organically presented the sharp-edged and national-style aesthetics of the new LOGO in the interior and exterior design of the vehicle. The new LOGO boldly uses sharp angles and straight lines, which complements the pioneering exterior design of the i-FA01. This masterpiece of “beginning with appearance”, “fascinated by technology” and “fascinated by quality” is scheduled to start pre-sale in the fourth quarter of this year.

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Official announcement, new image and new LOGO of Kaiyi Automobile

Kaiyi Motors is creating a more open and friendly brand recognition to welcome the new brand Yi concept, so, what is the Yi concept?

The “Y” in the “Yi” concept represents the user concept, symbolizing youth and fashion; with “your” as the center and customer thinking as the core, yearning for a better travel life; and “i”, representing i-FA, i-EA, i-XA three technology platforms, they represent infinite expansion, full of imagination and intelligent technology. Before launching its three major i-platform projects, Kaiyi Motors took “user needs” as the center of product research and development, and “user thinking” as the starting point for product functional development. As a young and energetic self-owned brand car, Kaiyi Auto strives to create a pleasant, practicable and easy-to-live travel mode for users.

Official announcement, new image and new LOGO of Kaiyi Automobile

Kaiyi Auto takes new energy as its core strategy, optimizes product layout around “new concepts, new platforms, new products, new friends, and new images”, and is committed to becoming a differentiated “innovative full-scenario vehicle use program operation” in the Chinese auto market business“. At the same time, with the wings of Kaiyi, it will lead the automobile industry in Sichuan to climb to the peak, adhere to the principle of “creating a good car with ingenuity”, and create a beautiful travel space for users.

At present, the country is building a domestic and foreign “dual cycle” development pattern, Yibin City is vigorously implementing the “two-wheel drive for industrial development” strategy to accelerate the development of high-quality growth emerging industries represented by the automotive industry. Taking advantage of the trend of the country and the development of Yibin, Kaiyi Motors will be able to sail against the market and spread its wings.

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