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On newsstands a special issue dedicated to men’s fashion and passion for motors

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On newsstands a special issue dedicated to men’s fashion and passion for motors

Behind the front and full forward. Front and back. Back and forward. When past and future, heritage and innovation go hand in hand and are each other’s driving force: it is this common thread that inspires the new issue of How to Spend in newsstand from Friday 17 June together with Sole24Ore. A special issue, on the occasion of Pitti and the Milanese fashion shows, entirely dedicated to fashion and male passions, from engines to wine and technology.

In the foreground, the interview with the greatest designer of all time, Giorgetto Giugiaro, who retraces the icons of the automotive sector and traces the guidelines for the electric of the future. There are three key principles dear to the master: first, function precedes form. Designing cars means taking into account the needs of everyone and of all ages. Second principle that can no longer be waived: sustainability. The need to reduce impact and pollution impact and define good design. The third principle is necessity: optical crowding is, from Giugiaro’s point of view, the opposite of luxury. The return to the essential defines the style destined to last.

And speaking of style, the fashion point cannot be missing: the new color palettes of clothes and fabrics, a focus on the best of made in Italy tailoring where retro rewrites the contemporary and tailoring dresses sport. Today the gentleman dresses by combining comfort and made to measure. And the overshirt is the garment that best represents a way of life where elegance marries freedom.

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Which does not exclude the space for whims and creativity: a colorful swarm of butterflies flies over shorts, blazers, watches and above all jewels, enriching the iconography of the male wardrobe.

There is also a lot of space for the best technological gadgets for the home and office and some unusual travel ideas. Like the cruise aboard the first hybrid ship in the world. You can choose between the Arctic and Antarctica to chart your own route according to a new model of regenerative tourism that brings together adrenaline, science and comfort. And for those who love the outdoors, the advice of the most loved “gardener” of the moment, Antonio Perazzi.

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