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“Only one farm out of two is completely digital”

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“Today we need strong investments in digitization,
with companies called to lead the way in inland areas
where still in 40% of the houses the wi-fi does not arrive, together with
financing dedicated to services and road infrastructures
necessary to improve logistics and transport, but also
to avoid the abandonment and depopulation of communities
rural “. The request comes from Dino Scanavino, president of the CIA-Italian farmers, from the annual assembly of the agricultural organization. Yes, because today 50% of the companies are not yet familiar with Agritech and on 12.4 million hectares of surface only 4% are perfectly technological.

According to Scanavino “there is all the will, on the part of farmers, to lead the green and digital transition and face the changes on the horizon as a leader, it is necessary, however, to recognize and compensate for the virtuous behaviors of the sector, always looking at the goal essential for the economic sustainability of businesses, without which even environmental and social sustainability is not possible “. But to do this it is necessary to make the best use of the resources allocated to the new CAP, “with a NRP strongly oriented in this direction, and last but not least, with the measures and funds of the budget law”. Therefore “it is no longer the season of waiting, but that of action”.

Appeal that the Minister of Agricultural Policies Stefano Patuanelli who participated in the assembly received: «Maximum attention to support the income of farmers, which in our country is still too low. The guideline must be to ensure that farmers do an excellent job in the ecological and digital transition, and have an adequate income ». From his point of view “it is their right because the farmer is also the first custodian of the territory”.

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