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Open sharing, co-construction and co-governance | JD.com joins hands with the 2022 Open Atom Global Open Source Summit to discuss the prosperity of open source – Qianlong.com.cn

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Source title: Open sharing, co-construction and co-governance | JD.com joins hands with the 2022 Open Atom Global Open Source Summit to discuss the prosperity of open source

software-defined world

Building the future with open source

Software capability is one of the basic capabilities of a country’s industrialization and the foundation of a new generation of information technology. The software development model requires more organizations and developers to work together to achieve, open source is a scientific and efficient way.

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Join hands with the Open Atom Open Source Foundation

Contribute to the open source ecosystem

Open Atom Open Source Foundation is the first open source foundation in China and an important promoter and organizer of open source projects. It is committed to promoting the development of global open source undertakings and empowering thousands of industries.With the vision of “open sharing, co-construction and co-governance”, the Open Atom Open Source Foundation and JD.com will work together to explore a new chapter in the development of the open source ecosystem.

JD.com joined the Open Atom Open Source Foundation in September 2020 and became a platinum donor of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation.At the same time, he joined the OpenAtom OpenHarmony (hereinafter referred to as “OpenHarmony”) working committee, became a donor of the OpenHarmony open source project A, and is also the first head northbound application developer of OpenHarmony.Since joining, JD.com has actively promoted various subgroups to participate in the ecological construction of OpenHarmony.up to now,JD Retail, JD Technology, and JD Logistics were established in the OpenHarmony community respectively, leading Taro’s OpenHarmony adaptation sub-project CrossPlatformUI SIG, OLA Alliance open source group OH-OLA SIG, and automated robot sub-project Robotics-SIG.In addition, JD.com is also actively donating open source projects to the Open Atom Open Source Foundation. Currently, there are projects that are going through the donation process.

Actively embrace open source

Promote the improvement of industrial ecology

With the advent of the era of the Internet of Everything, embracing open source is the basic requirement for the development of the digital era, and it is also the foundation of enterprises in the era of the Internet of Everything. Open source can not only gather the wisdom and strengths of the public, and accelerate the software iterative upgrade; it can also provide more developers with the opportunity to understand and apply the underlying technology of the system, further promote the marketization of technology, and promote the improvement of the industrial ecology.

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In terms of the ecological construction of OpenHarmony applications,JD.com first launched the HarmonyOS* version of the JD.com app in May 2021, becoming the first batch of HarmonyOS app publishers in China, setting a benchmark for the industry.Through continuous technology sharing within the organization, more than 10 technical teams including Jingxi, Health, and Technology have been promoted to participate in the development of HarmonyOS applications, and the HarmonyOS versions of Jingxi APP and JD Health APP have been launched. At the same time, the “OpenHarmony Infrastructure Construction” incubation project was launched in the “front-end channel” within JD.com, and continued to promote the construction of OpenHarmony development infrastructure within the group.

Editor’s Note: HarmonyOS is a commercial version for a variety of all-scenario smart devices developed based on the open source project OpenHarmony of the Open Atomic Open Source Foundation.

Continuous technological innovation

Helping the open source industry accelerate

As the entire society accelerates its transformation towards digitalization, the development of the open source industry is bound to accelerate further. The role of open source in promoting technological innovation, promoting industrial collaboration, and accelerating the digitalization of various industries has become increasingly prominent.Facing the future, on the road of domestic open source project development, JD.com will gather open source dreams, spread open source culture, promote open source technology innovation, and create high-quality content output. People with lofty ideals in the same industry will contribute to building a sustainable open source ecological vision.

“Software defines the world, open source builds the future together”,JD.com wishes the 2022 Open Atom Global Open Source Summit a success. Co-build, share, and co-govern a new open source ecosystem!

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