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Opening: New building for 37 million euros at Winzer Krems

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Opening: New building for 37 million euros at Winzer Krems

LH Mikl-Leitner: “Infrastructure that plays every piece”

St. Pölten (OTS/NLK) – After around four years of construction, the opening of “Wein.Zeit.Neu”, the addition and new building of Winzer Krems with a new fermentation and maturing cellar, new wine bottling and bottle storage in the sand pit, took place today 13 instead. After a thanksgiving service, Governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner, Winegrowing President Johannes Schmuckenschlager, Mayor Reinhard Resch, Winzer Krems Chairman Florian Stöger and Managing Director Ludwig Holzer spoke about the major investment at a ceremony.

Provincial Governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner said it was a “milestone, because investing 37 million euros is no small thing, but the largest investment in the Austrian wine industry. We can be proud of that in Lower Austria. And on the fact that the majority of the orders stayed in Lower Austria.” According to the provincial governor, the new building means that Winzer Krems has “an infrastructure that plays every piece of the cake.”

Sustainability was a central theme in the new building. “Winzer Krems showed how to combine ecology and economy. There is no either/or here, but both/and. Soil is the living space for people, animals, plants and the basis for food production and viticulture. That’s why we have to treat our soil carefully and with reason and common sense.” A showcase project was created here that radiates far beyond the borders of Lower Austria. The state governor hopes that this success story will be continued by Winzer Krems in the coming years and decades and that it will continue to be possible to combine tradition and innovation.

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Mayor Reinhard Resch said that there are over 400 winegrowers and 28 wine taverns in the Krems city area. “Every single bottle that says Krems is really an ambassador,” he emphasized, adding: “The investment of over 30 million is something great for the city.” is to be owed.”

Weinbau President Johannes Schmuckenschlager spoke of a “really unique investment, a great project, a showcase project. It is a pledge for the future, so you are underlining that viticulture in the region has a future.” A new building of this size cannot be found on every corner, even internationally. The president also found personal words for the former chairman and now honorary chairman of Winzer Krems, Franz Bauer. Bauer was a companion in his function as chairman and made a significant contribution to the success of Winzer Krems.

Franz Bauer emphasized that the idea for this new building was already conceived 13 years ago, and that the first planning work was pushed ahead in 2015. Franz Ehrenleitner, managing director for many years, emphasized that it was important to him that the grapes get into the bottle as quickly as possible.

Winzer Krems managing director Ludwig Holzer explained that they cultivate 1,200 hectares of vineyards and that the extension does not want to make it bigger, but to improve the quality. The company has been made fit for the future. Chairman Florian Stöger emphasized that no new grassland was built up as a result of the new building, but “we demolished old substances and built new ones.” In addition, the heating was switched from gas to district heating and a 370 kWp photovoltaic system supplies the company with electricity.

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Master builder Erwin Krammer explained that a new building should always harmonize and enter into a dialogue with its surroundings. “More than 60 years ago there was a loess terrace here. This loess terrace was the inspiration for the new building.” Stefan Graf, Managing Director of Leyrer&Graf, said that Winzer Krems is one of his company’s larger customers: “A model company in Europe is also very important to us.”

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