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Opinions and Costs, Choose the Account for You!

by admin
Opinions and Costs, Choose the Account for You!

Independent Financial Advisor and Co-Founder of Affari Miei

February 21, 2024

Are you looking for information on current account Rendimax proposed by Banca Ifis?

In this article I want to talk to you about Banca Ifis’s proposal, and we will then see the characteristics of the current account, his costshis advantages they disadvantagesand at the end of the article you can also find my opinions on the matter.

Enjoy the reading!

This article talks about:

A few words about Banca Ifis

Banca Ifis is a Challenger bank to support the real economy, which was born as delivery operators and then differentiates itself for speed and flexibility, being able to seize new market opportunities and consequently occupying a unique position in the Italian banking panorama.

It is able to count on a strong competitive advantage, a growing net worth and a completely digital approach.

In Italy they can count on a consolidated presence since there are approximately 1849 employees, while abroad the branches are present in Poland and Romania.

They deal with both corporate activities that of services intended for retail clientele.

Is the current account safe?

If you were to opt for opening a current account at banking Ifis you should be able to feel comfortable.

The bank in question has a CET1 Ratio equal to 16.18%, which makes it one of the best Italian banks in terms of capital solidity, which also allows it to distribute a dividend to shareholders.

Furthermore, to compensate for counterparty risk, the bank adheres to the Interbank Deposit Protection Fund guarantee system, which ensures coverage of up to 100,000 euros for each account holder.

From this point of view you shouldn’t have any kind of problem: it’s a solid and safe institutionto whom you can choose to entrust your savings without worrying.

Features of the Rendimax current account

Il current account Rendimax offers theclassic operation of current accounts, with safe operations and at the same time is able to guarantee you a return equal to 0.20% per year gross of your savings.

To access your account you can go through thereserved area, with a customer code, your password, and the one time password, i.e. the temporary code that is generated each time with Secure call. In this way we always put safety first.

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It is reserved for consumers who are adults and who have tax residence in Italy. The account can also be jointly held by up to a maximum of two natural persons who can operate separately.

You will be able to make and receive bank transfers, internal payments, arrange direct debits, pay taxes, in short, do everything you normally do with a current account.

The yield

This current account differs from the classic current accounts of other banks in terms of returns: Banca Ifis in fact offers current account holders a performance equal to 0,20% gross annual savings.

The yield is not the most exciting, but since the money in the current account does not accrue any interest, in this case Banca Ifis offers interest: it is often said, little is better than nothing!

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Let’s see in detail what they are costs opening and maintaining the Rendimax current account.

As far as maintaining the account is concerned, the costs are zero, so we have no annual fee.

The stamp duty (due if the average current account balance exceeds 5,000 euros per month) is equal to 8.55 euros and is charged every three months, for an annual total of 34.20 euros, in line with the costs of other banks.

No contributions are required to open the account either.

For i POS payments and online there are no limits, so they are unlimited.

The first five cash withdrawals are free in Italy and in EU states, as is the first SEPA transfer of the month.

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Debit card

It is provided free of charge to all those who open the current account, if requested when opening the account or even at a later time by accessing the reserved area.

The card is equipped with contactless technology and is enabled for the Pagobancomat, Bancomat, Cirrus and Maestro circuits.

It doesn’t have any monthly fee.

Withdrawals are free five times a month, then have a cost of 2 euros.

How to open a Rendimax current account

To open the current account Rendimax you will need an identity document with your personal data, your tax code, and any bank details of a current account from which to make the first recognition transfer.

To open it online you just need a few simple steps, and to carry out the identification procedure you can choose two paths:

By online bank transfercarrying it out from a different current account in your name;
De visuthen physically going to one of our branches.

Affari Miei’s opinions on the Rendimax current account

We have reached the end of the review on current account Rendimax.

We can say that in broad terms it is an offer very similar to that of other banks, with the exception of the gross annual return that is recognized on savings.

Without a doubt i costs they are advantageous, since they are almost zero in relation to both the opening costs and the annual fee.

If you are looking for a small yield to obtain on your sums and if you want a really low risk, perhaps taking out this current account could be a good solution for you.

I can tell you that the current account solution is often very personal, given that these days the solutions proposed are almost all similar.

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I conclude by telling you that this account may be right for you if you are looking for a current account that allows you to carry out the usual operations and at the same time is able to remunerate you, even if only slightly.


At this point I think you have all the useful information available to make an informed choice.

We have analyzed the characteristics, we have seen the costs and advantages of the current account.

If you are trying to make a decision and want to make a comparison between the various current accounts available on the market, all you have to do is consult this section on Current Accounts where you can read many guides and reviews.

See you soon!

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