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Opinions and Guide to Investing. Do they agree?

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Opinions and Guide to Investing.  Do they agree?

How are the Anima Funds doing? If you have come here it is because you want to have as much information as possible about Anima funds: opinions, costs, interests, advantages e disadvantagesin short… You are looking for all the information to understand whether investing in soul funds is worthwhile or not.

In this guide I want to give you my opinions on them, so that you can understand if they are suitable for your wallet or not.

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This article talks about:

Who is Soul?

As always, I begin my review with an introductory note on the protagonist of the guide: Anima is the largest independent asset management group in our country.

It has total assets under management of over €183 billion and over one million clients.

The Group as we see it today was born from a process of aggregation of several companies, with different and complementary specializations.

Today it counts on more than 300 professionals, both in Italy and abroad.

Anima develops and manages flexible investment solutions built around the specific needs of customers.

The parent company ANIMA Holding is a public company listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since 2014.

But now let’s get into it.

Best Mutual Funds Anima

On the site we really find a very wide range of tools, for this I will limit myself to giving a quick overview.

I suggest you go to the official website to learn more about all the categories, which are as follows:

  • Equity Funds: ​​They invest their capital mainly in equity securities. In other words, they invest at least 70% of the portfolio in equities, with the residual investment (maximum 30% of the portfolio) in bonds or cash in the market currency. The specific risk factors are: issuer jurisdiction and issuer specialisation;
  • Bond funds: allow you to invest in financial instruments of the bond market, i.e. in fixed income securities issued by governments or companies. They cannot therefore invest in equities (with the exception of mixed bond funds which can invest 0% to 20% of the portfolio in equities);
  • Flexible Funds: They have no constraints on basic asset allocation, so they can invest in equities or bonds and do not share any specific risk factors (e.g. geographic, sectoral, currency, etc.)​. They can invest in Italy or abroad, as the manager believes he does, on the basis of the wide discretion in the investment choices established by their regulation;
  • Monetary Funds: They invest their entire portfolio in bonds and cash. Therefore, their investment scope is that of instruments such as Italian and foreign government bonds and bonds with residual maturity of less than 1 year;
  • Multi-asset funds: They invest in a diversified mix of asset classes, typically equities, bonds and currencies, sometimes combining them with alternative investments, such as those in real estate or commodities. The main objective is to generate returns by managing the associated risks;
  • Balanced Funds: these are financial investments with a different risk profile that allow access to the equity and bond markets, thus creating a diversified portfolio with a potentially lower risk than that of a purely equity fund.
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Soul systems

Now let’s look at the Company’s managed systems

Soul system

It is a family of mutual funds incorporated under Italian law, which offers both traditional products and new generation instruments: for this reason it can offer valid investment solutions.

The saver can therefore count on a vast range of savings and investment solutions. In the Anima System it is possible to find three investment lines: Markets line, Strategies line and Profiles line.

Balanced ESaloGo family

I ESaloGo Balanced funds are part of a family of funds incorporated under Italian law. These tools integrate traditional analysis criteria with assessments of ESG variables.

ANIMA’s ESG Committee has managed to exclude investments in securities that do not meet the criteria, and monitors the “ESG quality” of portfolios, examining low “ESG quality” securities one by one, to determine whether or not to keep them .

The management group has the task of integrating the assessments, prescriptions and limitations of the ESG Committee into investment decisions.

Maturity Funds

These products, in the case of the Traguardos, aim to generate income over a defined time horizon, by seizing the market opportunities for government and corporate bonds with a duration equivalent to or close to that of the fund.

The decreasing volatility over time of the securities in the portfolio and the broad degree of diversification give these products a medium level of risk, which decreases as maturity approaches.

Evoluzione funds, on the other hand, are window funds that allow investors to be gradually guided towards products with greater added value with a predefined risk profile.

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Anima Funds

This umbrella open-ended investment company is incorporated under Irish law.

It offers a complete range of investment solutions where every saver can find timely answers to their needs, which change according to the changing conditions of the markets.

In Anima Funds you can find three investment lines: Solutions line, Strategies line and Markets line.

Sistema Open

This family includes products with innovative investment strategies: it is a range that is aimed at a type of clientele looking for new opportunities for diversification in markets, sectors and management styles.

The funds belonging to this System provide for a periodic coupon flow.

Force system

This family of mutual funds (also incorporated under Italian law) is managed by the specialists of the Anima Multimanager team, who can invest in the best investment houses available on the market.

Italy system

Under Italian law, it is managed by the team’s specialists and is one of the qualified investments intended for individual long-term savings plans (PIR).

Not sure how to invest?

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Soul funds at a loss

If you have already invested in Anima Funds and are asking you if should divestknow that you can find a guide dedicated precisely to Funds Soul at a loss, so I won’t dwell on this topic.

My Business Opinions

As you can see for yourself from the Soul site, funds are really numerous and I cannot review them all. However, I want to give you my opinion, since I have been investing and guiding investors who are satisfied with my strategies and teachings since 2014.

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Assuming that I have nothing against this Soul or any other similar institution, I believe that investing in funds is an outdated way of investing and no longer suited to the characteristics of today’s economic world. This happens because of the costs that funds have.

We assume that mutual funds are not all the same. We need to distinguish between:

  • Actively managed unlisted funds: they are the worst because they are not traded on an exchange (therefore, they are less liquid for you) and offer higher commissions without offering better returns than the market;
  • Actively managed listed funds: Certainly more transparent and liquid than the former, however, they often have entry and exit costs and management costs that are too high to justify returns in line with the markets;
  • Passively managed funds or ETFs: they are the ones I prefer, as there is no management company that tries to beat the market but the fund limits itself to replicating the reference benchmark. You can learn more about this topic in the article where I explain how I invest.

As you may have guessed, I prefer to take other paths and this is why I invite you to deepen my thinking. Study, read and form your own idea: in this way you can decide for yourself whether to agree with me or not!

If you want to learn more, I recommend reading the following resources:

I also leave you this video.

Additional Useful Resources

Furthermore, if you are new to Affari Miei, you can read the courses I have designed for you:

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