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Opinions and Reviews on the Account

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Opinions and Reviews on the Account

Independent Financial Advisor and Co-Founder of Affari Miei

November 29, 2023

Today we talk about Bank accountand they offer you the analysis of Premier CheBanca! current account.

We will see everything together coststhe characteristics and the functions of this current account, so that you can better understand what its advantages are and make a possible comparison with other current accounts to choose the one that is best for you.

This article talks about:

A few words about CheBanca!

We are talking about an institute belonging to Mediobanca Group (one among the most solid in Italy), which has been dealing with investments since 2008. It is indeed a solid but also innovative bank, attentive to perfecting its multi-channel approach in response to the needs of savers.

Due to its attention to the past and the future, in its offer we find both traditional banking products, such as current accounts, cards of various kinds, mortgages and loans, as well as professional consultancy tools for managing savings and obviously investments.

This institute also offers two other current accounts in addition to the one we are about to analyze, which are Conto Yellow e Digital account.

Is Premier Account safe?

When you evaluate a banking institution you must ask yourself if it is safe, so you can have reassurance when choosing who to trust.

The answer in this case is yes: for your protection, in fact, there is the interbank guarantee fund, which has the aim of protecting the savings of bank customers up to 100,000 euros, in the event of a bank bail-in.

Another reference value to consider is the Cet1 Ratio, a fundamental value that measures the capital solidity of the banks themselves.

The higher the CET1, the greater the banking capacity in dealing with crises of various kinds. The European Central Bank has set the minimum reference threshold at around 8% (the figure is changed frequently) and that offered by CheBanca! is equal to 13.3%, i.e. one of the most solid in the Italian banking system.

Therefore, for these reasons we can say that it is a safe choice.

Choosing this current account should therefore not create problems for you: you are relying on a solid institution and you are choosing an indispensable product for your needs because you cannot live without a current account, so rest assured!

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Don’t know how to invest?

Find out what kind of investor you are. Are enough 3 minutes to discover the best strategy for you.


The characteristics of the account

Premier account contains the best of the bank’s offer. This is a current account suitable for both daily banking and investments.

I CheBanca! consultants I am available for every need and to help you find any solution to your problems.

In fact, you can count on a consultant at your disposal who will be able to support you as best as possible.

With this account you will be able to make and receive bank transfers, pay bills, credit your salary and pension and even pay for utilities.

Up to this point, as you can see, these are fairly basic solutions and operations, typical of every bank account.

For investments

In addition to the current account functions, you can choose to activate the securities dossier to make investments.

The securities dossier is included with the premier account, without the need to pay any additional costs.

By activating the securities dossier you will be able to access a whole series of high profile services and investment solutions that are built to support you every day in the choices that matter.

You will also be able to have a personalized and specialized consultancy service, which will help you orient yourself among the investment solutions available to you, even some exclusive ones, such as for example the certificates or bonds issued by Mediobanca.

With the securities dossier you will be able to access the financial markets, taking part in the auctions of Italian Government Bonds and buying and selling shares, bonds and other financial instruments on the Italian market and on foreign markets.


Let’s now see what they are costs to bear if you want to open a Premier account:

Account opening: 0 euros; Annual fee for maintaining the account: 106.20 euros, which is reduced to 72 euros for premier account requests made by 14 January 2024; Charges for issuing the debit card: 0 euros; Annual fee for internet and customer service: 0 euros; Cost for sending the account statement by post: 0.80 euros; Cash withdrawal at the ATM at CheBanca! in Italy: 0 euros; SEPA bank transfer: euro; Urgent EVENING bank transfer: 5 euros.

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Payment cards

With the current account you can receive the debit card to use online and to make withdrawals and purchases all over the world, with a free fee.

You can also request a credit card at any time, choosing between classic, prestigi, excellent and black.

Naturally, you can combine your cards with mobile payments, using Apple Pay if you have Apple devices, or Google Pay if you have an Android smartphone or Samsung Pay.

You will also be able to make payments digitally from the customer area and from the CheBanca! app, using the CBILL service also enabled for pago/PA.

Invitation to test

If you request and complete the activation of a premier account by 31 December 2023, CheBanca! It gives you the account fee for the first 3 months, in addition to the activation fee which is always free.

How to get zero rent?

From 15 November 2023 to 14 January 2024 it is possible discount or reset the monthly Premier account fee.

Now let’s see how to do it.

If you have your salary or pension credited, if you receive an incoming bank transfer of at least €1,000 or if you manage two separate accounts, then you will have a discount of €1.

If you have the installment of a mortgage or loan charged you will get a discount of €1, while if you are under 30 years old or exactly 30 years old you will get a discount of €2.

The fee will be eliminated if you own investment products for an amount equal to at least €200,000.

How to open the Premier Account

To open the Premier account, simply go to official sitekeeping your identity card, old IBAN handy if you want to move your account, tax code and mobile phone.

You can also choose to switch to the Premier account: if you already have a current account with CheBanca! and you want to switch to this account, you can do it without problems, simply and free of charge, also keeping the same IBAN.

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Don’t know how to invest?

Find out what kind of investor you are. Are enough 3 minutes to discover the best strategy for you.


My Business Opinions on the CheBanca Premier Account!

Now that we have seen every aspect of the current account, I can try to provide you with mine opinions about.

This is a good one alternative if you are looking for a basic current account that carries out the classic operations and if you are also interested in having a securities dossier with which to make investments.

It is a predominantly digital account, like almost all current accounts currently in circulation.

When the bill is right for you

We can say that this is a great solution if you are looking for a flexible accountsmart and mainly manageable from home with just the use of a smartphone.

In this case I recommend you choose it, especially if you are looking for a securities dossier that helps you with investments. In fact, we have seen that you will be able to have a consultant available to help you and best advise you on your investment solutions.

When the bill isn’t for you

The Premier account is not suitable for you if you are not good with technology and if you are looking for a current account from a bank that can receive you: perhaps you need to carry out more counter operations or you are looking for more physical and in-person support. In this case, perhaps this current account is not for you, and you could think about turning to another, more traditional bank.


We have come to the end of the review of this current account: we have analyzed its pros and cons, costs and all the features.

Now all you have to do is make a brief comparison and choose the current account that best suits your needs.

On Affari Miei there are many other reviews on current accounts: here you will find the guide to the best products of the month, including CheBanca!

Enjoy the reading!

Account and Card Offers: Choose the Service Most Suitable for You!

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