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Opinions on the Arca Policy

by admin
Opinions on the Arca Policy

Independent Financial Advisor and Co-Founder of Affari Miei

26 September 2023

If you are looking for information on Arca Piano Safe Special policy Then you’re in the right place!

Most likely your consultant has proposed this product to you, or you are interested in investments in insurance and you have read some interesting features on the official website and thought it best to inform yourself.

Today we will see all the characteristics by Arca Piano Safe Special, his advantagesThe disadvantages eh risks.

Keep reading!

This article talks about:

Ark of life: a presentation

Ark of Life is an insurance company that provides bancassurance services and is aimed primarily at families and small businesses.

The company is controlled by Unipol Group and aims to offer its customers the best insurance and social security solutions, responding to the need for safety, protecting health, homes and loved ones.

The company is made up of several companies:

Arca Vita, specialized in the savings and pension sector; Arca Assicurazioni deals with the sale of car insurance policies at the bank counter; Arca Vita International (based in Dublin), specialized in the sale of unit linked policies; Arca Sistemi deals with the design and distribution of IT applications; Arca Inlinea offers customers a telephone assistance service; Arca Direct Assicurazioni deals with the direct and remote sale of car insurance policies.

By choosing Arca Vita you can count on the reliability of a banking institution and the skills of one insurance company.

Class I policies

Arca Piano Safe Special it’s a class policy Ii.e. an insurance that offers capital stability and guarantee of the same through investment in separate management.

In fact, by choosing this product you will be able to invest while having the guarantee stability of the capital, and at the same time you will have protection for your loved ones in the event of your passing.

Special Safe Plan it is the solution for investing capital without having to run the risks of the financial markets.


Without a doubt investments in separate management they are safer because they are less affected by market fluctuations, above all thanks to the method of evaluating securities and the company’s financial management activity.

In this case the investment is made in the Oscar 100% separate management.

Don’t know how to invest?

Find out what kind of investor you are. Are enough 3 minutes to discover the best strategy for you.


The characteristics of Arca Piano Safe Special

Special Cassaforte Plan is a single premium whole life life insurance policy.

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With this tool you can secure your capital and at the same time protect your savings.

The performance occurs in the event of death, when the insured capital is expected to be paid to those entitled, which is calculated on the basis of participation in the profits of the separate management.

Payment of the premium

Now let’s see how to pour the award which will be invested 100% in separate management.

Il unique prize paid, net of issuing and loading costs, determines the relative invested capital.

The single premium, i.e. the initial one, must be paid no later than the moment of conclusion of the contract, and must be paid in a single payment.

As for the amountsthe minimum is €5,000 and the maximum is €499,999.99.

No further additional payments are permitted.

Who is the contract addressed to?

This contract is aimed at natural and legal persons who must satisfy their savings and investment needs, and who are aged between 18 and 90 years at the start of the contract.

To the duration

The contract is a whole lifeor the period between the starting date of the contract and the date of death of the insured.

The risk profile

Il risk profile for this policy it is equal to 2 on a scale ranging from 1 to 7. We are in fact focused on low risk, precisely because the product invests in separate management which guarantees the capital and does not cause the investor to run risks.

We must remember that this is an indicative indication of the level of risk and that it assumes that the investment option is held for 4 years. It is not possible to disinvest early before 1 year has passed from the effective date.


We have come to the analysis of a very important part, if not the most important part of a policy, namely i costs.

Costs are those that impact returns and can determine the outcome for better or worse.

I advise you first of all to carefully read the KID because the cost part is complicated, and it is better to have all the data under control to be able to think better and make the best decision.

I entry costs are equal to €50 in contract issuing costs, with a loading cost of 2% which varies based on the initial premium.

I exit costs do not apply if the product is stored up to the recommended shelf life.

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The management fee instead it amounts to 1.7% per year, and varies depending on the accumulation of active premiums. The commission is deducted from the return of the separate management, so it is a part that is deducted from your investment to remunerate the manager who takes care of investing your money.

They are not applied performance fees.

The recommended holding period is 4 years, while the minimum required holding period is 1 year.

Revocation and withdrawal

Before the conclusion of the contract it is possible revoke the proposal. The declaration of revocation must be sent to Arca Vita at its registered office, by registered letter.

Also the request for withdrawal it must be completed and sent to the registered office, and in this case the company is required to reimburse the premium paid within thirty days of receiving the declaration itself.

The ransom

If one year has passed since the effective date and the insured is still alive, the value of can be requested total redemption.

The total redemption is equal to the adjusted capital up to the date of receipt by Arca Vita of the redemption request, and at this moment the contract is dissolved.

Il partial redemption is permitted provided that the amount requested is at least equal to €5,000 and the residual insured capital is at least equal to €5,000.

Furthermore, the contract does not provide values ​​of reduction.

The tax regime

Let’s look at it again tax treatment.

The premium paid is not subject to any tax and, in the absence of a premium component referable to demographic risk, does not give the right to the deduction from the personal income tax declared by the contractor.

The sums received, if they are paid in the event of the death of the insured, are exempt from inheritance tax and are also exempt from IRPEF (limited to the capital disbursed to cover demographic risk).

Don’t know how to invest?

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Opinions of Affari Miei on Arca Piano Safe Special

As I told you at the beginning, after having analyzed all the characteristics of the contract, I can go on to give you mine opinions.

The contract provides for life insurance in the event of death, and invests in a secure separate management capable of guaranteeing the capital.

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In fact, the operation of the policy is very simple; it is a safe investment, with a level of very low riskthanks to the investment in separate management.

Since the investment has a low risk profile, you should know that you will not be able to expect such high profits at the same time, because to earn and obtain high returns you necessarily need to risk more.

If you are a prudent investor who does not want to take risks, perhaps separate management may actually be right for you.

But if you are a prudent investor who doesn’t feel like taking risks you could also focus on this resource, where you will find many ideas for invest by opting for safe instruments.

In fact, you should know that there is not only separate management, but there are many other tools that you could consider, such as i deposit accounts or even i postal vouchers.

I can’t tell you whether or not it’s best for you to invest in this instrument, because I don’t know your financial situation, nor your personal situation, so obviously I can’t afford to give you specific advice.

My job right now is simply to make you think and make you think.

Personally I don’t like this type of product because I believe that there are others that perform much better, and with characteristics more suited to the profile of each of us.

If you are only interested in protecting yourself and your loved ones from possible accidents or unfortunately from death, I advise you to think about one temporary death policywhich is configured as a safe and suitable protection tool.

I also invite you to consult this resource, because here you will find a lot of information oninvestment in ETFspassively managed tools that can reduce costs and allow you to diversification best and to invest in a transparent and efficient manner.

I hope that in this guide you have found all the information you were looking for but, before saying goodbye, allow me to also recommend these readings to help you start your journey as an investor in the best possible way:

Happy reading and good investments!

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