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Opinions on the Bill, Read the Top Review

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Opinions on the Bill, Read the Top Review

Today we see the review of the hype account, the totally online account offered by the 100% Italian fintech company.

Hype sets out to stick with a system at zero commissions which is, in the short, medium and long term, potentially much more interesting, especially in terms of costs.

Everything we will need to know regarding Hype is present within this review.

We will analyze together the advantages, disadvantages, strengths and weaknesses of this new offer.

Are you ready to know everything about Hype? Read on to find out how the servicei costs not opinions general about the product.

This article talks about:

Two words about the company

The bill is proposed by a fintech company 100% Italian, born to simplify the daily management of money.

It’s about a neo bank which operates almost entirely online and which has become a reference on the international market.

The idea dates back to 2014, and in February 2015 the new way of managing money was launched, also thanks to the collaboration with Sella bank.

In 2017, i.e. just two years after its launch, the community can already count on 100,000 customers.

Also in 2019 Hype becomes one joint stock companyturning into Hype SpA

Another milestone is reached in December 2019, when after only 5 years they reach one million customers, becoming the fintech leader in Italy.

In 2020 they become a company supervised by the Bank of Italyand this therefore guarantees even more reliability for its customers.

What is Hype?

Hype it is an account that also allows you to have a card Mastercardand all in one application that is comfortable and safe to use.

It is a very interesting banking product, which therefore combines the possibilities of one contactless prepaid card with the features of instant payment.

The account allows you to send and receive free transfers from all your contacts, to obtain cashcak, and also to analyze your expenses.

The payment card it is obtained free of charge, to be recharged directly from the App (available for iOS, Android and Windows systems) without having to leave the house and stand in endless queues at the counters. Or alternatively you can choose to always top it up at 0 cost by bank transfer or other cards.

The system can be used without distinction with both iPhones and reasonably recent generation Android phones and can also be used from the web and therefore via computer.

It is a very technologically advanced product, in fact it has an artificial intelligence engine that recognizes the type of expense and places it in the right category to help you understand how you spend your money, in order to better organize yourself, tidying up your your expenses and saving you unnecessary calculations.

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But that’s not all, Hype – based on your financial availability – set aside automatically the money for you, allowing you to reach your goals with ease. You just set a figure and the date by which to reach it and Hype will save you a small fee every day.

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Let’s find out more details on the subject.

The Three Counts of Hype

Hype it is offered as a service in three different accounts, which have different characteristics and different costs.

Let’s see together what are the differences between the three accounts.

Hype account

Hype it is the “basic” account.

It is a zero-fee account designed to pay and manage daily expenses.

The monthly cost is in fact equal to zero.

Among the advantages of the account we have:

  • Virtual card: to manage expenses and payments with the virtual card from your smartphone;
  • Withdrawals: you can withdraw up to 250 euros per month for free at the counter;
  • Top up from account: you will be able to fund your account up to a maximum of €15,000 per year;
  • Cashback: you can get up to 10% cashback from your online purchases.

In addition, you can also use the savings box to be able to achieve your goals (choose how much to save, accumulate your money effortlessly, round up your expenses and check your savings whenever you want) as well as start investing even with just €1 with Gimme5.

You will also be able to exchange money with your contacts, for example to settle the bills for a dinner with friends.

Conto Hype Next

The second account proposed by Hype is the Next, or the account designed to plan, save, invest and be able to connect all banks.

The cost of this account is €2.90 per month.

With this account you will of course have all the advantages of the Hype account we have just analyzed and in addition:

  • Mastercard debit card: with which you can buy in Italy, abroad both online and in the shop;
  • Fee-Free Withdrawals: you will be able to withdraw at all branches without any commission;
  • Unlimited top up: you can also make the most of your account, with no top-up limit;
  • Link accounts: with this account you will be able to aggregate all accounts in Hype in order to have total control of all accounts.

You can also top up your card, using another card for free and with no limits.

Thanks to radar functionality you can consult balances and movements of your accounts online without jumping from one app to another. Connect the other banks to Radar, and figuring out which card you paid for the restaurant on Saturday night will no longer be a problem!

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You can also invest starting from €1 with Bitpanda in fractional stocks, ETFs and metals: whenever you want, 24/7, even when the traditional stock markets are closed.

Conto Hype Premium

The last account proposed is instead the account for unlimited access to all services, including insurance.

The account costs €9.90 per month.

In addition to having all the features and services of the Hype Next account, you will also have:

  • Carta World Elite Mastercard: free with which you can enjoy the most exclusive card in the world Mastercard;
  • Priority assistance: you can receive support via WhatsApp, email, phone, chat;
  • Travel insurance: you will be able to travel with peace of mind, having under control any canceled or delayed flights, and in relation to the loss of luggage;
  • Purchase policy: you can ask for a refund in case of theft or damage.

This is indeed the all inclusive billsince it is the most complete.

You will also be able to make instant transfers for free, unlimited and in real time, and you will also be able to pay bills and bulletins and top up without additional costs.

You will also have theassistance: you can receive support any day of the week via whatsapp, email, phone and chat.

Can we trust Hype? Is it a secure account?

As for the Hype securitywe will have to deal with two issues: the security of the deposited funds, as well as the security offered at an IT level regarding the communications that are used for the transfer of money.

The security of funds is guaranteed up to 100,000 euros from Interbank Fund for the Protection of Deposits.

The computer security and encryption used by Hype can also be considered state of the art and more than sufficient to guarantee us adequate security in communications.

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How do I join Hype?

The further advantage for those who choose to subscribe to the service concerns the possibility of register for the service completely onlinewithout the need for any visit to the bank and without the need to send contracts or anything else.

All you need is at least 12 years of age and it only takes a few minutes through your web browser, or through the bank’s App to immediately have an account available and, in a few days, also have the card linked to the account available.

Who is Hype for?

Hype can be a very convenient account for all those who need an agile service, which allows them to exchange money between members and also to transfer it outside the circuit. Furthermore, it can be taken into consideration by families for children who have not yet reached the age of majority. As I mentioned before, it’s available for ages 12 and up.

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It is one of the best options for anyone looking for one prepaid card with IBAN o one online account because it combines other extremely advanced options such as instant payments.

The advantages increase exponentially if in our circle of acquaintances there are several people willing to enter the service or who are already part of it.

In large cities, then, the number of shops that accept payments through this circuit is increasing, so it becomes very convenient because it allows you to pay with your smartphone at no cost.

Furthermore, if you appreciate the world of technology, have an iPhone and are over 16 Hype also allows you to shop with Apple Pay easily and safely.

With NFC on your iPhone you can make contactless payments, getting real-time transaction notifications on Hype and your security is further guaranteed by the protection of your card, as Apple Pay does not save its data in any way.

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Opinions of Affari Mio on Hype

We dedicate this paragraph to my views on the service.

They are My business Over the last few years, I have reviewed countless banking products and praised Hype for the following reasons:

  • It activates for free in a few minutes: from Hype they claim that it takes 5 minutes, I tried and in fact everything is really fast and just a selfie for authentication;
  • It is an excellent prepaid card with IBAN: if you are looking for this type of service, the product is among the best because it is free up to 2,500 euros of top-ups per year and after that it costs only 1€ per month;
  • It’s a great card for online shopping: if you need a card to buy online, maybe on Amazonyou’re safe;
  • The costs are almost negligible: the opening is free, the management is free up to 2,500 euros of top-ups and beyond that you pay only 1 euro per month. Incoming and outgoing wire transfers are free and withdrawals are also free. If you are looking for a product with low costs and maximum efficiency, Hype is the service for you;
  • The payment system is interesting: there are thousands of affiliated businesses, thanks to the Hype circuit it is possible to send money free of charge in real time to other individuals or to commercial businesses, thus avoiding paying with a prepaid card.

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Additional helpful resources

Finally, here is a series of articles dedicated to the world of prepaid cards!

Enjoy the reading!

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