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OPPO2022 Future Technology Conference Held: Released Self-developed Bluetooth Audio SoC Chip Mariana®️ MariSilicon Y

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OPPO2022 Future Technology Conference Held: Released Self-developed Bluetooth Audio SoC Chip Mariana®️ MariSilicon Y

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Jiwei.com news on the 14th, at the OPPO 2022 Future Technology Conference (OPPO INNO DAY 2022) with the theme of “Excellence, Three Lives and All Things”, OPPO officially released its second self-developed chip – Mariana®️ MariSilicon Y, an advanced flagship Bluetooth audio SoC chip.

At the press conference, according to Jiang Bo, senior director of OPPO chip products, said: “Mariana®️ MariSilicon Y is OPPO’s second self-developed chip, marking a further step in OPPO’s self-developed chip capabilities. As a technologically advanced flagship chip , we expect the key technology of this chip to solve the key issues of ‘sound quality’ and ‘intelligence’ in the user’s audio experience, and provide chip power for the next generation of flagship Bluetooth audio devices.”

According to reports, as the first Bluetooth audio SoC chip independently developed by OPPO, Mariana®️ MariSilicon Y realizes Bluetooth wireless transmission of 192kHz/24bit lossless audio for the first time through the world‘s fastest 12Mbps Bluetooth rate, reaching the peak of Bluetooth sound quality; NPU unit, Mariana®️ MariSilicon Y provides advanced AI computing power of up to 590 GOPS for fast-growing computing audio, and for the first time realizes sound separation technology on the earphone side, bringing a more personalized listening experience; the first to be applied globally With the most advanced N6RF process, Mariana®️ MariSilicon Y can combine advanced high performance and flagship battery life experience.

Through innovative bluetooth underlying hardware bandwidth design, it realizes the world‘s fastest 12Mbps ultra-high-speed bluetooth solution for the first time, which is 4 times the speed of traditional bluetooth. Combined with the leading URLC lossless codec technology, Mariana®️ MariSilicon Y is currently the only Bluetooth chip that supports 192kHz/24bit lossless audio.

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At the same time, it also supports dynamic code rate adaptive technology, which can automatically and flexibly adjust the codec rate in the ultra-wide range of 80Kbps-10Mbps, and always provide stable and non-jamming audio no matter in a shopping mall with complex signals or a quiet study room quality.

In addition, compared to current chips that generally use traditional DSP (Digital Signal Processor) units to process audio data, Mariana®️ MariSilicon Y integrates a dedicated NPU computing unit for the first time, providing the strongest audio computing with an advanced AI computing power of 590 GOPS. Great motivation. Compared with the most advanced DSP unit at present, Mariana®️ MariSilicon Y can provide more than 23 times the computing power and more than 16 times the computing energy efficiency through the high-performance NPU unit, and can efficiently run the advanced technology that the previous DSP unit could not even perform. AI audio algorithm.

With sufficient AI computing power, Mariana®️ MariSilicon Y has the ability to understand sound for the first time, and it is also the first time to realize sound separation technology on the audio side, opening the next generation of personalized audio experience. Through sound separation technology, Mariana®️ MariSilicon Y supports the characteristics of custom panoramic sound, which can intelligently identify and separate vocals and instrument groups in music.

It is worth mentioning that, in the face of the contradiction between performance and power consumption of traditional low-power Bluetooth audio chips, Mariana®️ MariSilicon Y took the lead in applying the world‘s most advanced N6RF radio frequency process to achieve a new energy efficiency performance. N6RF is the most advanced RF process manufacturing technology so far. Compared with the 16nm process currently used by mainstream RF chips, N6RF technology is 2 generations ahead, helping to increase the energy efficiency of RF transistors by 66%, while reducing the size of RF transistors by 33%.

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Through industry-leading technology, Mariana®️ MariSilicon Y achieves flagship-level battery life while achieving 192kHz/24bit lossless audio and advanced AI audio capabilities.

On the whole, Mariana®️ MariSilicon Y has helped OPPO broaden the field of vertical integration with self-developed chips as the central axis. Lay the necessary underlying connectivity capabilities.

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