Home Business Oriental Fortune Choice Data 9th Anniversary Media Awards Announcement Daily Economic News won the title of “Best Media” | Daily Economic News

Oriental Fortune Choice Data 9th Anniversary Media Awards Announcement Daily Economic News won the title of “Best Media” | Daily Economic News

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Oriental Fortune Choice Data 9th Anniversary Media Awards Announcement Daily Economic News won the title of “Best Media” | Daily Economic News

In July 2013, Oriental Fortune Choice Data set sail with the concept of users first. Over the past nine years, under the premise of continuously optimizing its own data quality, expanding and developing new functions, data has empowered the development of financial technology, accelerated the in-depth integration of media, and enhanced the competitiveness of financial media with the multiplier effect of “data + media”. Serving the high-quality development of finance with the new capabilities of financial omnimedia construction.

Daily Economic News won the title of “Best Media”

On the occasion of the 9th anniversary, Choice data comprehensively considers the influence of financial media, financial data insight, financial content cooperation depth and cooperation time and other indicators, and intends to award the following financial media “Best Media”.

List to be awarded: (in no particular order)

China Securities Journal, Shanghai Securities News, Securities Times, Securities Daily, Daily Economic News, 21st Century Business Herald, China Business News, China Fund News, International Finance News, Financial Associated Press, Jiemian News

Combining the content dissemination power of financial we-media, the depth of cooperation in financial content, the number of readings of we-media headlines, the number of fans and other indicators, it is proposed to award the following financial self-media “Best Financial Observer”.

List to be awarded:

Zhi Zong does not read (Weibo ID)

Thanks to the above financial media, I hope to forge ahead in the future, cooperate and win-win, analyze hot events with professional financial data, reveal the mystery of capital, and serve the capital market.

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The ninth anniversary of Oriental Fortune Choice data: quality improvement and innovation calendar “nine” stronger

After nine years of polishing, the Choice financial terminal has grown into a professional financial data analysis and investment management software integrating information query, statistical analysis, and application. The data content covers stocks, funds, fixed income, commodities, foreign exchange, macro-industry and other fields , which provides Excel plug-ins, quantitative interfaces, portfolio management and other application tools, and is an excellent tool for financial market participants.

【Data quality continues to improve】

As a data service provider, the accuracy and timeliness of data is the foundation of the product. Choice data production relies on industry associations, national and local statistical bureaus, listed company websites, etc. The data sources are authentic and reliable, covering multiple varieties, angles and multiple directions. In the process of providing solid data support for financial data platforms such as Oriental Fortune Network and Tiantian Fund, we have honed a mature data processing platform in the industry, as well as a multi-level and multi-dimensional data import, verification and inspection mechanism. Accuracy is guaranteed.

【Innovation of sub-scenario features】

Relying on the advantages of Orient Fortune Financial Technology Group, which has been deeply involved in the industry for many years, has a wide range of business lines and a considerable number of users, and focuses on the needs of investment and research scenarios such as risk monitoring scenarios and alternative data research scenarios, it has an in-depth understanding of user usage scenarios and conducts corresponding innovative product development. . Such as financial risk system, industry chain research platform, core logic of research reports, issuer data browser and other special functions, in addition to providing Choice roadshow services to the majority of investment and research users, is committed to building a platform to help capital markets and investor relations on the cloud Link. The rich innovative functions not only greatly improve the user’s work efficiency, but also, as a financial technology company, Orient Fortune is exploring more possibilities for the development of the investment and research industry.

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The 9-year growth has not only benefited from the increasingly sophisticated products and the hard work of Dongcai Choice employees, but also is inseparable from the support and love of our customers. As of July 2022, Choice partners cover more than 20,000 financial institutions including brokerages, banks, public offerings, and private placements, serving over 800,000 financial institution users (data source: Oriental Fortune Choice data).

Staying true to our original aspiration, going through the “nine” days, and adhering to the belief that users come first, we will always be guided by user needs, continue to optimize products, use data to empower the industry, create more value for users, and grow into a leader in the financial field data service provider.

Comprehensive data of Oriental Wealth Choice, Oriental Wealth Network

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