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Orlando (Lavoro): “Speranza told me that the Green Pass will also be mandatory in company canteens”. Confusion among the trade unions

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ROMA – The bombshell arrives at the end of the table around which business and worker representatives sit. “The Minister of Health Speranza told me that, like indoor restaurants, the Green Pass will also be mandatory in company canteens“, says Andrea Orlando, PD Minister of Labor. The trade unions are noisy, they would like to speak with Speranza, tell him that the restaurants inside the hotels have instead been exempted and that in this way a de facto obligation to the Green Pass is introduced in the company, without a specific law But the minister has left for other commitments, the thing remains pending, but it definitely changes the cards on the table on the delicate issue of the Green Pass to work.

The position of the trade unions is clear and was illustrated a few days ago by the general secretaries of the CGIL, CISL and UIL to Prime Minister Draghi: “Any obligation must be introduced by law without an agreement between the parties and must not serve to discriminate, demotion, dismiss the worker “. Surprisingly, in today’s meeting with the two ministers of Labor and Health, wanted to get out of the impasse, Confindustria also dissolved its rigidities and while complaining that it exists “20% of unvaccinated workers“asks the government for a law to introduce the obligation of the Green Pass. The fallout of the School decree, passed yesterday by the Council of Ministers, on company canteens complicates the dialogue at this point.

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The unions for now choose not to mount the controversy. They first want to understand if Hope confirms or not. “We asked Minister Orlando to maintain the safety protocol at work and continue to apply the rules: spacing, masks, sanitation”, he says. Maurizio Landini (Cigl). “Making the Green Pass mandatory is an act of the government, not the result of an agreement between the parties. This is not the time for forcing and freeing all”. Angelo Colombini (Cisl) he evaluates the meeting as “opportune, useful and constructive”, but together with his colleagues he asks to do more on safety in the workplace, where people continue to die. Pierpaolo Bombardieri (Uil) he says he “appreciates the mandatory Green Pass for large events and leisure”, but asks for a “different reasoning for the job”. In particular, “companies must be reminded that the protocol should also be applied with the Green pass: they cannot think of saving on security costs”.


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