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Ovs ok from board to bond issue linked to sustainability parameters up to a maximum of 200 million

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The board of directors of Ovs has approved the issue of a sustainability-linked senior unrated, unsecured, non-convertible, unsubordinated bond loan linked to sustainability performance for a value between a minimum of 150 million euros and a maximum of 200 million, intended both for qualified investors in Italy and abroad, and for retail in Italy. The duration of the bond loan is six years from the date of issue, with a minimum interest rate of 2% gross on an annual basis. The bonds will be issued for 100% of the nominal subscription value, with a denomination of 1,000 euros and will be offered for subscription through the platform of the Mercato Telematico delle Obbligazioni of Borsa Italiana.

With the issue of this bond, the note explains, the financial structure of the group, already strengthened thanks to the recent capital increase and the excellent performance in terms of cash flows, will be further improved, thus allowing a consequent reduction in the cost of debt. Furthermore, thanks to this instrument, new for the telematic bond market in Italy, financial resources will be freed up to also activate technological innovation initiatives aimed at energy saving. It is also announced that the main shareholder of Ovs, Tamburi Investment Partners, has also expressed interest in subscribing the bond to be issued in the future.

With reference to the performance of the group, the company announced that “the third quarter is proceeding favorably”. The delivery delays suffered have to date largely disappeared and the recent inflationary pressures are not considered a threat to our sector, explain by Ovs, therefore the guidance for the year provided in the publication of the results of the first is fully confirmed. semester.

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