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Packaging, there is an EU agreement: ban on single-use plastic from 2030

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Packaging, there is an EU agreement: ban on single-use plastic from 2030

by Verità&Affari editorial team

The agreement between the European institutions on the packaging regulation confirms the request for a reduction in packaging waste of 5% by 2030, 10% in 2035 and 15% by 2040, as foreseen in the initial proposal of the European Commission.

From 2030, some formats of single-use plastic packaging will be banned, such as those intended for fresh unprocessed fruit and vegetables, packaging for foods and drinks consumed in bars and restaurants, individual portions (such as condiments, sauces, cream, sugar), and miniature products for use in hotel restrooms .

In the agreement a reuse target of at least 10%

The agreement between negotiators of the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament on new packaging rules includes a specific target for the reuse of beverage packaging by 2030 of at least 10%.

However, Member States will have the possibility to grant a five-year derogation to these requirements, under certain conditions. This is what we read in the European Chamber note.

The reactions

The Minister of Business is satisfied with the progress made, Adolfo Urso. “The new agreement between the EU Council and the European Parliament on the packaging regulation is a step in the right directionwhich incorporates a series of Italian indications and which removes the critical issues initially present in the position of European Commission“.

The initial implementation of the regulation, continues the minister, “would have been penalizing, not only for the Italian packaging industry, but also for many production chains, from agri-food to pharmaceuticals. There is still work to do in the negotiation: we will continue to support our companies so that they can work better and innovate, thanks also to the excellence in the recycling sector, which sees Italy among the most advanced at an international level”. The Italian government has been highly critical of the Commission’s proposal on packaging.

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