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Packaging, Urso: EU agreement is a step in the right direction

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Packaging, Urso: EU agreement is a step in the right direction

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«The new agreement between the EU Council and the European Parliament on the packaging regulation is a step in the right direction, which welcomes a series of Italian indications and which removes some critical issues initially present in the European Commission’s position. The initial implementation of the regulation would have been penalizing, not only for the Italian packaging industry, but also for many production chains, from agri-food to pharmaceuticals. There is still work to be done in the negotiations: we will continue to support our companies so that they can operate at their best and innovate, thanks also to the excellence in the recycling sector, which sees Italy among the most advanced at an international level.” Thus the Minister of Business and Made in Italy Adolfo Urso commented on the provisional agreement between the EU Council and the European Parliament on the proposed regulation on packaging and packaging waste.

Unacceptable ban on disposable packaging for fruit and vegetables

«The reduction from 90% to 80% of waste separation and the reduced targets for 2025 demonstrate that the negotiations between the European institutions on the packaging regulation are starting to accommodate some of the Meloni government’s requests. However, the ban on some disposable packaging, such as that for fresh fruit and vegetables under 1.5 kg, remains unacceptable for us”, underlined the Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry, Francesco Lollobrigida, regarding the agreement . The minister hopes that «the European Council will take into account the efforts of the EU Parliament which had voted for greater flexibility in the implementation of the regulation, against the ban on single-use packaging in fruit and vegetables and for the exclusion of wine and sparkling wines from the reuse imposed in the original European Commission proposal. A nation like Italy cannot be penalized – he concludes – which for years has been strongly committed to the circular economy sector and represents excellence at a European level for the management of packaging waste”.

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There must be flexible approach

The Minister of the Environment and Energy Security, Gilberto Pichetto, added: «As Italy we have managed to attenuate the obligation to resort to reuse when there are no real environmental reasons, but by confirming an ambitious approach in the reduction of packaging waste we believe that it must be flexible, making greater use of national experiences. There is still work to be done on bans for some single-use packaging, but their scope has been reduced and limited to plastic. The negotiations are still ongoing, awaiting the definitive text, the Italian government continues to forcefully advance the position of the country system.”

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