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Pan Shiyi’s sale of SOHO China is a bit suspended, and the transaction is actually filed for review

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Original title: Pan Shiyi’s sale of SOHO China is a bit suspended and the transaction was actually filed for review

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No one thought that Pan Shiyi’s sale of assets would turn out to be so tortuous. On August 6, Pan Shiyi’s SOHO China issued an announcement stating that it had received a notice issued by the State Administration for Market Regulation regarding the acquisition of shares by the Blackstone Group and formally filed a case for review. When this happened, people were deeply worried about whether Pan Shiyi could sell his assets. And who is to blame?

Pan Shiyi has long been seen that he wants to sell his assets for cash. Last year, Pan Shiyi was rumored to want to price SOHO China at US$4 billion. In June of this year, it was finalized at US$3.048 billion, which is equivalent to Pan Shiyi’s 8.3% discount on SOHO China. This shows how determined he is.

Pan Shiyi has long been seen to want to go abroad after cashing out, so there are constant talks about Pan Shiyi “going to run away”, and if Pan Shiyi transfers all the money he cashed out abroad, then China will lose a lot.

Pan Shiyi has long been accused of setting up abroad, and it is said that he is the only one in their family who has a Chinese passport. His second and third sons are all studying in the United States, and Pan Shiyi and his wife donated $15 million to Harvard University in the United States.

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Pan Shiyi has long been seen as “different between inside and outside”. He was so generous in donating money to foreign universities, but he did not see him donate money to Chinese universities or donate money to the Wuhan epidemic. He is still buying land in the United States, but he is in China.

Although Pan Shiyi keeps saying that he will not run away, and everyone believes this, the problem is that the money is transferred abroad, but it is troublesome. In fact, everyone cares about whether Pan Shiyi runs away, not whether he stays in China, but whether his heart stays in China, whether his money stays in China, and cannot transfer the money earned in China, and cannot give money abroad in vain. .

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