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Pan Yanhong, Chairman of China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance Elected as “2021 Shanghai Financial Industry Leader”-CAIJING.COM.CN

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On January 9, the “Shanghai Financiers” selection, known as the annual “Oscars” in Shanghai’s financial industry, announced the latest results for 2021. Pan Yanhong, chairman of China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance, was elected as the “2021 Shanghai Financial Industry Leader” and is the only insurance company executive among the financial elites selected this year.

Pan Yanhong said at the award ceremony that this honor belongs to China Pacific Insurance, which has been in its 30s and is prosperous, and belongs to hundreds of thousands of domestic and field partners of China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance across the country. China Pacific Insurance, which was born on the banks of the Huangpu River, resonated with the pace of reform and opening up, growing and growing all the way. Facing the future, the company will adhere to the original intention of insurance, “altruistic” love and long-term perseverance, and contribute to the national “Healthy China” strategy to contribute to the insurance force, escort hundreds of millions of customers for a better life, and also contribute to the construction of Shanghai International Financial Center. Go ahead.

2021 is Pan Yanhong’s 27th year of joining China Pacific Insurance. As an “old Pacific Insurance person”, she has personally experienced and deeply participated in the milestone stages of China Pacific Insurance’s three listings and strategic transformations. She has also strengthened the insurance industry, especially the life insurance industry. Stick to the value, stick to the long-termism, and be the friend of time”.

Previously held many key positions in China Pacific Insurance. In September 2019, Pan Yanhong formally served as the general manager of China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance, becoming the first female general manager in the history of China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance. As the leader of China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance’s transformation 2.0, she led the company to accelerate the creation of three new drivers of team upgrade, service value-added, and technology empowerment around the overall strategy of “focusing on value, focusing on team, focusing on empowerment”. In early 2021, in the face of profound changes in the industry, China Pacific Life Insurance launched the “Long Voyage Action”, with the vision of “creating a life insurance company with the best service experience and being a long-termist in the life insurance industry” to accelerate the deepening of its transformation. In June 2021, Pan Yanhong was approved by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission to formally serve as the chairman of China CPIC Life. She will continue to lead China CPIC Life in the new cycle of high-quality development through long winds and waves, and continue to escort economic and social development and a better life for the people.

Serve the needs of the country. China Pacific Insurance has served the CIIE for four consecutive years. In 2021, China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance will provide more than one trillion personal risk protection for the 4th CIIE, and upgrade online and offline services, participate in the CIIE in depth, and help Shanghai to do well in the CIIE. The Expo will show the world the world‘s first-class level of openness; actively serve the “Healthy China” strategy and implement the national multi-level medical security system requirements. Since 2020, China Pacific Life Insurance has continued to promote city customization with the “One City, One Policy” strategy The project of commercial medical insurance (“Huimin Insurance”) was implemented. In 2021, the main underwriting of Shanghai City Customized Commercial Medical Insurance “Huhuibao”, the total number of participants exceeded 7.39 million, setting the highest number of participants in the first year of “Urban Customized Commercial Medical Insurance”; implementing ESG and contracting In the second phase of the “China Pacific Insurance Ecological Public Welfare Forest” project, a total of 1,500 acres of public welfare forests will build a “green barrier” to inject new vitality into the ecological and social and economic development of the Sanjiangyuan region.

Serve the needs of the people. Deeply cultivate the main business of insurance, and provide customers with “CPIC Services” covering the entire life cycle, with clear levels of insurance products and responsibilities, wisdom, and temperature. In the whole year of 2021, CPIC Life has provided insurance claims services for more than 3.26 million person-times, paying 19.3 billion yuan in indemnities; customer-centric, creating a wealth, health, and pension-supported insurance “golden triangle” solution to build differentiation Product + service ecology. For example, in the area of ​​health and medical care, it has cooperated with Shanghai Cell Therapy Group Co., Ltd. to launch the “Life Bank·Baize Project” to provide customers with immune cell storage services. In terms of high-end elderly care, we have set up 10 “CPIC Homes” in 9 places including Chengdu, Dali, and Shanghai to provide the elderly with comfortable and livable high-quality comprehensive elderly care solutions. In terms of wealth inheritance, relying on the cooperation with Shanghai Trust, we are very successful. Net worth individuals provide professional insurance docking trust services to help customers realize the four major functions of stable investment, marriage preservation, asset isolation, and asset inheritance.

The selection of “Shanghai Financiers” was launched in 2011 and has been held for 11 consecutive sessions. This year’s selection is co-sponsored by China Economic Information Service, Xinhua News Information Center, Xinhua News Agency Shanghai Branch, China Financial Information Center, Xinhua Net, Shanghai Securities News, Shanghai Financial Industry Federation, and China Business News. It aims to commend and inspire Shanghai Participants and contributors in the process of building an international financial center, and encourage and call on more financial talents to devote themselves to the high-quality development of the financial industry, and help the Shanghai International Financial Center to take a new journey to a higher level.


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