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Paper-making leader enters new energy, over 700,000 lots are sealed, and the list of cross-border lithium battery concept stocks is released

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Paper-making leader enters new energy, over 700,000 lots are sealed, and the list of cross-border lithium battery concept stocks is released

(Original title: The two real estate giants have been trading at their daily limit, and the Northbound capital has swept up more than 300 million yuan for the new crown drug leader! The paper-making leader has entered new energy, with more than 700,000 lots sealed at the daily limit, and the list of cross-border lithium battery concept stocks has been released)

The main funds flowed into the pharmaceutical sector substantially, and many real estate stocks gained 2 consecutive boards.

On November 14, A shares showed a pattern of opening higher and lowering as a whole. The Shanghai Composite Index broke through 3100 points at the opening, and the index fell in the afternoon, closing down 0.13%. The two major sectors of medicine and real estate carried the banner of rebound. Among them, pharmaceutical stocks experienced multiple daily limit situations, including Fengyuan Pharmaceutical, Guizhou Sanli, Dali Pharmaceutical, Jinling Pharmaceutical, Longjin Pharmaceutical, etc. all recorded the daily limit.

Stimulated by a series of positives over the weekend, the real estate sector continued last week’s five-day rally. The two real estate giants Gemdale Group and Seazen Holdings continued to increase their daily limit; Vanke A rose 4% today, and the stock price re-stands on the 60th line. Yuetai shares, Xinhualian, Zhongtian Services, Tiandiyuan and other stocks have closed at the daily limit for 2 consecutive trading days.

According to statistics from Securities Times·Databao, only 4 major industries have net inflows of funds today, namely pharmaceuticals and biology, banking, non-bank finance, and household appliances. The net inflow of pharmaceuticals and biology ranks first with 4.749 billion yuan.

Today, 40 stocks received the main net inflow of over 100 million yuan, with Ling Pharmaceutical, Ping An of China, Midea Group, Zhongsheng Pharmaceutical, and Oriental Yuhong leading the list. The new crown drug concept stocks topped the list with Ling Pharmaceutical’s main net inflow of 1.071 billion yuan. The special seats for Shenzhen Stock Connect bought a net 311 million yuan of the stock.

Everbright Securities believes that after the market has undergone intensive adjustments in the early stage, it is currently at a low valuation level. In the absence of new external risks, the market currently has a relatively high price/performance ratio.

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Cross-border layout of lithium batteries

Meiliyun one word daily limit

As one of the hottest segments of the new energy track, the lithium battery industry is attracting more and more listed companies to join. And new players who cross the border for the first time are often sought after by the market.

After more than two weeks of suspension, Meiliyun resumed trading on November 14, and the stock price went up by the limit. In the morning, the daily limit and sealed orders exceeded 3 million lots; in the afternoon, the closed orders were 715,200 lots, accounting for more than 10% of the company’s circulating stock.

During the suspension period, Meiliyun issued an announcement that the company intends to use the assets and liabilities related to the papermaking business as the assets to replace with the equivalent part of the 100% equity of Tianjin Juyuan and the 100% equity of Suzhou Lishen held by Tianjin Lishen . It is reported that the two companies to be injected are focused on the lithium-ion battery business.

According to the data, Meiliyun landed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange as early as 1998. At the beginning of its listing, its main business was the papermaking business. It was the largest papermaking listed company in the northwest region at that time. In recent years, the company has gradually shifted from the traditional paper industry to the multi-line development of the paper industry, cloud computing industry and photovoltaic industry. This major asset replacement means that the company will bid farewell to the papermaking business that has been in operation for more than 20 years, and turn to the new energy business.

Over 30 listed companies cross-border lithium battery industry

The overall trend outperformed the broader market

Since the beginning of this year, more than 30 listed companies have announced that they will deploy lithium battery-related businesses across borders, including Black Sesame, Kanglongda, Jinyuan Shares, 800 Million Time and Space, and Weiming Environmental Protection.

On the morning of November 11, Cuihua Jewelry, whose main business is gold jewelry, announced that it planned to acquire a 51% stake in Sichuan Sterui Lithium Industry Co., Ltd. in cash for 612 million yuan. The company stated that it will vigorously develop lithium salt products-related businesses and plan to deploy the new energy lithium battery industry.

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On the evening of November 8, Eternal Asia issued an announcement and signed a “Strategic Cooperation Agreement” with Jinyuan. This framework agreement was signed to jointly invest in the development of lithium resources and other related projects, aiming to achieve complementary advantages and coordinated development in the upstream and downstream of the new energy industry.

According to data treasure statistics, the fields of cross-border layout of listed companies include lithium batteries, positive and negative materials, electrolytes, separators, lithium resources and battery recycling. Many of these cross-border layouts are leading companies in other fields, and there is even a situation where a company invests more than once.

Judging from the performance data, in the first three quarters of this year, the net profit of cross-border lithium battery companies accounted for more than half of the year-on-year decline. According to data treasure statistics, since the beginning of this year, the stock price of companies that announced cross-border deployment of lithium batteries has increased by an average of 3.56%, which is more than 18 percentage points higher than the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index over the same period. Cuihua Jewelry, Haichen Pharmaceutical, Suotong Development, Meili Cloud, etc. increased by more than 50% during the year; Huiyun Titanium Industry, Bank of China Cashmere Industry, Zhejiang Fu Holdings, Tianyu Ecology, Sunway Shares, etc. fell by more than 30% during the year. %.

Lithium battery raw material prices hit a new high

Cross-border layout needs to be discussed in the long run

With the rapid development of the new energy vehicle industry, the price of upstream raw materials for lithium batteries has also been rising. According to the data of the business community, as of November 13, the price of industrial-grade lithium carbonate reached 591,000 yuan / ton, and the price of industrial-grade lithium hydroxide rose to 580,000 yuan / ton, both hitting record highs.

In fact, the inter-bank layout of lithium batteries by listed companies has repeatedly attracted inquiries or letters of concern from the regulatory authorities. In addition, the market also has mixed opinions on the behavior of enterprises to deploy lithium batteries across banks, and many enterprises have been repeatedly labeled as “hot spots”.

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Data treasure statistics, including Dongfeng shares, Hongdou shares, ST Future, Black Sesame, Haichen Pharmaceutical, Cuihua Jewelry, etc. have all received inquiries or letters of concern from the exchange.

For example, Cuihua Jewelry, the company received a letter of concern from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange shortly after announcing the cross-border lithium battery. On the morning of November 14, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange requested the company to make serious verification and supplementary explanations on 8 major issues in the letter of concern, including that the valuation of the target company of this transaction is relatively high, and there is a substantial increase in valuation compared with previous capital increases and equity transfers. The reasons, rationality, and detailed funding sources of the consideration for this transaction, etc.

On November 11, when Cuihua Jewelry announced its crossover, the company’s stock price opened at the daily limit, and then the stock price plunged, and the stock price fell 6.5% that day. The stock edged up 1.03% on Nov. 14.

Industry insiders said that whenever the lithium battery industry is at the climax of the cycle, it will always attract a group of new entrants. The behavior of cross-border layout of the lithium battery industry itself has a certain rationality, and some companies are expected to usher in a turnaround by “abandoning the old and welcoming the new”. However, the effectiveness of the transformation needs to be considered in the long run, because even if they get on the “express train”, some companies may still face the failure of “getting off the train halfway”.

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