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Paradeplatz: Luxus-Schoggi, Vivi Nova, Verkehrshaus

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Paradeplatz: Luxus-Schoggi, Vivi Nova, Verkehrshaus

SNB-Jordan serves up luxury chocolate ++ “Vivi Kola” develops a drink with ChatGPT ++ Verkehrshaus wants to soften the urban-rural divide

A look at the slightly different economic stories of the week: the latest “Paradeplatz” reports.

National Bank boss Thomas Jordan has chocolate packed in “thousands of rolls”.

Bild: Keystone/mpa

central banker Thomas Jordan likes it sweet: At media events, he serves chocolate squares, each with one of the six banknote motifs emblazoned on the packaging. The higher the value of the printed note, the darker the chocolate it contains. Accordingly, the 1000 version contains a little “Criolloro Grand Cru 66%” tablet. This should also be Jordan’s preferred variant: after all, with an annual salary of CHF 1.036 million, he is one of the best paid central bankers in the world.

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