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Parmigiano Reggiano, Bertinelli reconfirmed as Consortium president

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REGGIO EMILIA (ITALPRESS) – Nicola Bertinelli was reconfirmed by acclamation as president by the Board of Directors of the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium. Bertinelli, born in Parma in 1972, will lead the Consortium for another four years and will be flanked by Kristian Minelli, deputy vice president and Alessandro Bezzi, vice president, together with the third vice president who will be appointed during the next Board of Directors scheduled for Thursday 22 April during which it will be established. also the Executive Committee. “I thank our base and all members of the Board for their renewed trust – said Bertinelli – we will continue to work so that this is more and more the home of all members of the consortium. A place for constructive confrontation between people who share not only a noble profession but also the values ​​and the passion that make Parmigiano Reggiano an absolute excellence. Our task has been and will be to protect it, to defend it from counterfeits, to enhance it both in Italy and abroad and to favor the transition towards a supply chain that is still more sustainable and in line with consumer demands “. (ITALPRESS). mgg / com 17-Apr-21 12:02

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