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Pascale remembers being on the left: the novella Giovanna d’Arcore aims to be the leader of the Lgbtq+

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Pascale remembers being on the left: the novella Giovanna d’Arcore aims to be the leader of the Lgbtq+

Francesca Pascale new champion of the left

Francesca Pascale, the wife of the singer Paola Turci, had an illumination. After having been the woman of Silvio Berlusconi for many years, the founder of the modern center – right, now she has become a sort of Bertinotti in a skirt.

The pretext for the scene he made the other day is that of the withdrawal of the sponsorship of Roma Pride by the Lazio Region governed by Francesco Rocca, elected with the centre-right. So he goes to the family newspaper, Repubblica, and gives a furious interview: “How did we come to have an ultra-right government? Without noticing. This is the fear that the LGBTQ+ community lives, that in small steps lead to homophobia. When this majority is accused of being homophobic and fascist, it is the truth. The first step was to attack the children of homoparental couples”.

The novel Giovanna d’Arcore aims to be the leader of the Lgbtq+

According to the novel Giovanna d’Arcore, the rented uterus “is a pretext, the Gpa is an alibi to scare the people. Those who are not informed believe that it is done only using economic need. But it is enough to regularize the gestation for others, making it ethical and supportive. But Pride claims homosexual pride, what does it have to do with surrogacy? The Gpa is not a Pride theme. The right wants to bring the clash to the Gpa because it takes root more. And then the Catholic associations, such as Pro Vita, break into the freedom of others through a sovereign political vision”.

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We are at the “ethical and supportive” Gpa, but she forgot to add “sustainable”. Rejected. He has to go to Pecoraro Scanio again and again. Note how cunningly Pascale does not speak of “uterus for rent” but uses the acronym, incomprehensible to most, of Gpa, “Pregnancy for others”. Let’s imagine how the legendary housewife from Voghera, a term deliciously invented by Alberto Arbasino, feels hearing all these acronyms and initials that send rainbows into ecstasy, such as Lgbtq+ which will become over time “Lbgtq+wxzoprtfNonnaPaperagstm-+&” and so on have some. Then the attempt to avoid civil war with the progressives when he says that “the right wants to bring the conflict to the GPA because it takes root more”. In fact, the surrogate womb – let’s call things by their real names – is a veritable plague for LGBT people because it pits gays and transsexuals against feminists in a rainbow civil war. The Lgbtq+ are in contrast with the rights that have always been claimed by feminists.

The maneuver to remove the issue that risks halving the power of the left-wing movement is therefore clear. But a question comes naturally.

Giovanna D’Arcore when she was Berlusconi’s partner where was she? Maybe an alien entity possessed it? When there was life in the paradise of Cavaliere’s villas, was Pascale on Mars? Didn’t Pascale know that Berlusconi himself had cleared customs of Gianfranco Fini’s right? But then she didn’t dance the tarantula of homophobia and the Knight, unrepentant womanizer, suited him perfectly.

And then, since he’s also angry with “Catholic associations” like Pro Vita, doesn’t he know that the Cavaliere had a nun aunt and is a practicing Catholic? All questions that remain unanswered but which shed light on the opportunism of Pascale who was an “alternating current rainbow”. It is evident that the novella Giovanna D’Arcore aims to cheat poor Vladimiro Earnings in art Vladimir Luxuria and become the political leader of the Lgbtetcetc… but he will also have to deal with Elly Schlein and her armochromist despite the appeal “now let’s all team up around her”. Precisely. To get her out.

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