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passenger traffic continues its descent in February

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No signs of recovery for the global aviation sector. According to data released today by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), passenger traffic decreased in February, both compared to pre-Covid levels (February 2019) and compared to the immediately preceding month (January 2020). Total demand for air travel in February fell 74.7% compared to February 2019, worse than the -72.2% recorded in January. “February showed no signs of recovery in demand for international air travel – said Willie Walsh, IATA’s general manager – In fact, most of the indicators went in the wrong direction with the tightening of travel restrictions in the face of continuing concerns about new coronavirus variants. An important exception was the Australian domestic market. A relaxation of domestic flight restrictions has resulted in significantly more trips. This tells us that people have not lost their desire to travel. They will fly, provided that they can do so without having to face quarantine measures ”.

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