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Pasticceria Martesana, from panettone with Moschino abroad

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Pasticceria Martesana, from panettone with Moschino abroad

An agreement with Moschino and the desire to continue expanding in Lombardy and abroad. Christmas’s Martesanahistoric Milanese pastry shop founded in 1966 by the master Vincenzo Santoro which sold 60% to private equity funds in 2021 Eagle Capital Ventures, Mega Holding and other financial partners, has several new features in store. Thanks also to boom in panettone consumptionwhich is very popular abroad where it is displacing traditional local Christmas sweets.

“The partnership with Moschino is very important for us because we see artistic elements in common between fashion and pastry” he underlines Truth and Business Luca Tartaglia, general manager of the pastry company. “And then this agreement is fundamental to raising the value of the Martesana brand. For Moschino it is a way to diversify in a new sector, while for us it is important to make ourselves known in new markets.”

Panettone, of which Vincenzo Santoro is a recognized master, is having great success not only in Italy, but throughout the world. An opportunity for you?

“Of course, because our ambition is to bring Martesana products abroad and for this reason we now ship to Germany, France and Spain from our online store. I can confirm that the panettone trend has really exploded even though for us it has been a 60-year tradition. Since we took over the majority of Martesana in 2021, the production of this traditional dessert has doubled, thanks also to the 500 thousand euro investment to expand the production laboratory in Sesto San Giovanni, just outside Milan”.

Online sales and new premises. Can we take stock of how 2023 is going?

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“The online channel is growing significantly and the store we opened in Milan in Corso di Porta Romana is recording numbers higher than expected. Today under the Madonnina we have 5 locations, one of which is franchising, a channel which however we have no interest in growing. I can say that from 2021, the year we joined the company, we are now projected towards doubling our turnover”.

What are your future goals?

“Leaving Milan, remaining in Lombardy, because we want to continue producing everything with the same quality in the Sesto San Giovanni laboratory. However, we are strengthening the online channel with important partnerships and are also looking abroad. We are also thinking about positioning in railway stations and airports, but you can only enter with franchising agreements and for us the issue opens up on how these agreements are then managed”.

Artisanal panettone, however, is becoming more and more expensive…

“This Christmas we increased the price of our traditional panettone by only one euro despite the growth in energy, logistics and raw material costs. We have chosen not to pass these increases on to our customers but to only make a small symbolic adjustment.”

Does Pasticceria Martesana also have difficulty finding staff?

“Of course and I call it the 2023 virus, a disastrous situation, where it is difficult to set up a team in the bars and in the laboratory. And this despite the fact that we close at 8pm in the evening. Since last January, only today we can breathe a little but it took a year of work. Milan is an expensive city but for our positions we have higher average salaries and we are also looking for foreign staff who want to get involved.”

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