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Pd, defense of a folkloric emblem: Schlein from Marx to the scooter

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Pd, defense of a folkloric emblem: Schlein from Marx to the scooter

Schlein from Marx to the scooter

Seeing Schlein fight minority battles in favor of “scooter freedom” is sobering. The left once fought for the rights of the working class and would never have accepted as its secretary a millionairess (in euros) like Elly Schlein, who also flaunts his status symbol by paying a colorsmith €300 an hour, when his supposed protégés don’t make it to the end of the month. That there is something wrong is completely evident.

It is certainly not just an Italian phenomenon but concerns the entire global progressive front, but here it seems much more accentuated, perhaps because the PCI was the largest communist party in Europe.

For the well-known social law that goes by the name of heterogenesis of ends, from the strenuous defense of workers’ rights we then moved on to the strenuous defense of producers’ rights, just think of what happened with the abolition of article 18 of the Workers’ Statute by the then secretary of the Democratic Party Matteo Renzi, a feat that not even the right and Confindustria had succeeded in doinga sort of work of art of militant transformism.

And this then explains some dynamics that we now witness on a daily basis, such as the protagonism of the trade unions which went on to occupy precisely those spaces left free by those who were supposed to guard them that is, from the Democratic Party, heir of the Italian Communist Party and the left-wing component of the Christian Democracy.

And then we wonder why the right-wing parties all over the world – and in particular in Italy – win by hand. The answer is that voters don’t have a ring in their nose and easily notice electoral betrayals and then punish them in the next round. In the USA, for example, the victory of Donald Trump was significant, and he could soon do it again. At this point the Democratic Party almost exclusively defends the so-called social rights and in particular those of the gender minority and environmental rights.

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On gender he does so in an uncritical and uncoordinated manner, moreover not understanding that it is a very small slice of his electorate, particularly aggressive and threatening but certainly not the majority of voters. On the environment, the Democratic Party, with a few exceptions, is perched on a very old vision that leads to the so-called “happy degrowth” for purely ideological reasons. It is no coincidence that today Giorgia Meloni, involved in Cop28 – which is held in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates – began by saying: “We need an ecological and non-ideological transition.”

That’s exactly what the left doesn’t do. LThe folkloristic emblem of all this is the marginal and elitist defense that the secretary of the Democratic Party makes of the use of the scooter, an instrument that is also dangerous for those who drive it. In short, the PD millionairess would look favorably on the Marx-Engel couple speeding through the streets of Milan between cars and passers-by. And Capital? The secretary made him leave it in the attic, to adapt to new times.

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