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Pd, the paradox of Elly Schlein: a Jew who has it in for Israel

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Pd, the paradox of Elly Schlein: a Jew who has it in for Israel

Pd, Elly Schlein’s many contradictions on Israel

There is no “spectrum that haunts Europe”, as Marx wrote, but there is a paradox, yes, this one wanders around the Nazarene. Elly Schlein is Jewish but she has it out for Israel. Let’s take it a little further with a tasty anecdote of which the secretary of the Democratic Party became the protagonist last year. It’s about a gaffe which seems to be taken from a film Woody Allen on Yiddish humor. Everything comes from vile racist jokes on social media on his naso to which she candidly responded: “As proud as I am of the Jewish side of my paternal family, I’m not Jewish, because as you know transmission occurs through the matrilineal line. But the craziest thing is the debate about my nose. Because it’s not a “Schlein Jewish nose” that I inherited from my father, as racists on the internet write. He’s a typically Etruscan nose”.

In short, instead of taking it out on racist idiots, “discolpava” saying that “his nose was Etruscan and not Jewish”. AND she hid her being Jewish because the transmission of Judaism occurs through the mother. But let’s get to serious things. Elly Schlein has three passports, Swiss, American and finally, lastly, Italian. In the meantime it would be good renounce to the others two nationalitiesgiven that she is a Deputy of the Italian Republic and there may be conflicts of interest for the security of our country, even though she is not currently Usa e Swiss hostile nations. Schlein is a Jew at the head of a structurally anti-Jewish party, viz filopalestinese, like the entire Italian left. A contradiction as big as a house that poor Elly tries to manage as best she can, initially giving one blow to the hoop and one to the barrel but then the protest anti Israel of PD militants has risen, there have been and still are on a daily basis demonstrations against Israel and her he no longer knew how to handle the situation.

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At this point the usual U inversion to which Italian politicians have accustomed us. Elly, to maintain her position, had to recycle herself in favor of Hamas and this despite the fact that it was clear to everyone that Israel is the country attacked with the kidnapping of the 200 participants in the rave in the desert with the mass rapes against young Israeli women and gruesome details emerged from social media, always of a sexual nature. By the way, where have the left-wing feminists, that is, the totality of Italian feminists, ended up? We didn’t hear it rising shouts of protest for the widespread rapes to which Israeli girls were subjected, with the militants playing ball with parts of their sexual organs, as seen in cell phone footage. Maybe this time everything is fine in the name of political ideology? But let’s go back to Schlein.

His position it’s so embarrassing that the same father, Melvin Schlein, university professor, took it out on his daughter: in an interview with “La Domenica”, of the Corriere del Ticino. “Everyone talks about the two-state solution. Elly too, but I told her: I don’t believe it much. It would imply a structuring of relations and an institutional recognition that a part of Arab society cannot accept.” Schlein’s father does not speak nonsense because he he experienced them firsthand and he knows what that means: “Even in the 60s we slept with the machine gun under the bed”, he declared after the outbreak of the conflict, referring to the defense of his kibbutz in Nahal Oz (near Gaza), where he worked as a volunteer. Well, if Professor Schlein hadn’t had that machine gun “under his bed” probably now he would be no more and his daughter Elly would never be born. In light of all this perhaps Elly should be more cautious when he peremptorily says that “we must not send weapons to Israel”.

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