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Pensions: higher allowances in the North, mostly men to receive over 1500 euros per month

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Although women represent the majority share of total pensioners (52%), men receive 56% of pension income and the average amount of income received by women is in fact 27% lower than that of men (16,233 against 22,351 euros). Thus reveals the INPS in its Observatory on “Pension benefits and beneficiaries of the Italian pension system” as at 31 December 2020.
The Observatory shows that the benefits of the Italian pension system in force at 31.12.2020 are 22,717,120, for a total annual amount of 307,690 million euros. The beneficiaries of retirement benefits are 16,041,202 (+ 3.8% compared to 2019); each of them receives an average of 1.4 pensions, also of different types, in accordance with the provisions of current legislation
From the analysis of the territorial distribution of pensions and pensioners, it is observed that in the northern regions there is a greater number of pensions and pensioners (respectively 47.3% and 47.8% of the total). The average amounts of pensions are higher in the North than in the rest of Italy (+7.1 percentage points compared to the national average). Analyzing the distribution of pensioners by age group, with a five-year range between 65 and 79 years, it is observed that the most numerous class, for both males and females, is that of the over eighty-year-olds. The class where the highest average amount is found is, for both sexes, that between 65 and 69 years. Finally, INPS reveals that the pension income classes over 1,500 euros per month are populated more by males than by females; in these classes, pensioners represent 56.3% of the total number of males, while for pensioners the same share falls to 34.9%.

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