Home Business Petrol prices down: the self down to 1,833 euros per liter

Petrol prices down: the self down to 1,833 euros per liter

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Petrol prices down: the self down to 1,833 euros per liter

Still discounts for fuel on the network. Gasoline in self-service mode is 1,833 per liter. This is what emerges from today’s analysis developed ‘Daily energy’.

“Petrol and diesel prices are falling sharply on the Italian network – explains ‘Quotidiano Energia’ – with the international prices of petroleum products that on Friday closed still down (in particular on diesel), on Saturday there were new company cuts on recommended prices: Eni and Tamoil reduced the two fuels by 2 cents, Q8 by 3 cents, IP by 2 cents for petrol and diesel and 1.5 cents for LPG. As a result, the prices charged fall, also incorporating the substantial reductions decided by the operators last week ».

In particular – based on the processing of ‘Quotidiano energia’ on the data communicated by the operators to the Price Observatory of the Ministry of Economic Development – the national average price of petrol in self mode is 1.833 euros per liter; the average price charged for diesel self is 1.815 euros per liter. As for the modality with service, «for petrol the average price charged is 1.977 euros per liter; the average diesel served is 1,960 euros per liter ». The prices of LPG are between 0.814 and 0.838 euros per liter. The average price of CNG is between 2.202 and 2.693 per kg.

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