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Photos of Jeff Bezos flooded the community after Twitch was hacked again

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The hackers successfully doodled Twitch for a few hours this morning, replacing some of the background game pictures with a picture of the planned Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.Users report that in Amazon-owned services, images of Bezos are seen in the listings of “GTA V”, “Dota 2”, “Smite”, “Minecraft”, “Apex Legends” and many other games.

It’s unclear how the background image was changed, and it’s also unclear whether this latest incident was helped by the huge Twitch security breach that broke earlier this week. In this large-scale intrusion, hackers were able to use a Misconfiguration of the server, stealing hundreds of gigabytes of information. Twitch is still investigating this vulnerability, and so far, a large amount of information about the site’s source code, unpublished projects, and even the income of top streamers has been released.

At least one former Twitch employee warned that because of this leak, attackers can now see the architecture, shortcuts, and APIs of Amazon’s internal services. It is entirely possible that this leak revealed some code that allows people to easily change the background image of Twitch, or that this is just a case of cache poisoning. Twitch relies on different methods to cache images, and these methods may have problems. In any case, Twitch’s life this week is not easy.


Reddit users noticed these defaced pictures at around 5 a.m. Eastern Time this morning. Several pictures showed Bezos’s face as a banner behind the games listed in the Twitch catalog.


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