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Piaggio Aero, orders for 46 million by the Defense

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Piaggio Aero, orders for 46 million by the Defense

Operation goes on

In the meantime, the company’s operations are continuing: “We continue to work hard – said Nicastro – to create new business opportunities, and to keep the company’s order book rich”. And it is at this point that the commissioner announced the two new contracts with the Ministry of Defense, for a total value of approximately 46 million: two new orders that bring the current Piaggio Aero order book to approximately 490 million euros.

The first order, signed by the Defense General Secretariat – Aeronautical Armaments and Airworthiness Directorate, and with a total value of approximately 31 million euros, involves the development, construction and installation of a flight simulator for the P. 180 at the military airport of Pratica di Mare, on the outskirts of Rome. The system will be used mainly for the training of crews using the P.180 aircraft supplied to the Italian Air Force.

The time required for the finalization of the project, conducted in collaboration with the Canadian Cae, a world leader in simulation solutions, is estimated, they explain to the company, in about three years. The aim is then to extend access, with timing and methods to be defined, to the crews of the other armed forces, the bodies of the State and, possibly, to other subjects. “The flight simulator we will build – Nicastro said – will be the first in Europe and the second in the world“.

Maintenance for the Frecce Tricolori

The second agreement, worth about 15 million, is close to signing, Nicastro said, with the Air Force’s General Office-administrative responsibility center, and increases maintenance activities, already regulated by a 2019 contract. of the Rolls-Royce V632-43 engines, known by the name Viper: the engines with which the aircraft in service with the national aerobatic team are also equipped.

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The perplexities of the union

“There are new orders shortly and work guaranteed until 2024 – commented the regional secretariat of the Fim Cisl Liguria – but it cannot be an excuse with respect to the timing of the sale of Piaggio Aero, which must be done quickly but with the certainty of a industrial plan by the interested parties, with certain numbers regarding investments, employment protection, bringing back the workers of Laerh (supplier of fuselages, ndr), and with continuity for the two sites of Genoa and Villanova d’Albenga ».

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