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Piazza Affari rises due to falling inflation. Turbo Mps.

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Piazza Affari rises due to falling inflation.  Turbo Mps.

Piazza Affari closes on the rise. The banks shine starting with Mps

Positive closure for Piazza Affari, on a favorable day common to all stock exchanges including Wall Street. The Ftse Mib index stands at +1.26% at 27,503 points. Piazza Affari leaves behind the negative considerations on interest rate dynamics and concentrates instead on signals such as the drop in inflation in Germany and on the quarterly data which in recent days highlight the state of health of companies. In the spotlight the banking sector where the performance stands out of Monte Paschi which soars to +12.29% after yesterday’s cold reception to the accounts



Still on the upside, the French giant Cr.Agricole beats expectations and presents a healthy forecast. At the Milan Stock Exchange Unicredit shares jumped by 4.13% and Intesa by 1.42%


All better than expected. Websim raises the target from 10.6 to 11 euros. Jefferies confirm the recommendation BUY e il TP a 11,4 € after the accounts for the fourth quarter of 2022 above the consensus. Today the stock closed stable at 9.1 euros


Jefferies alza il target from 0.34 to 0.387 eu and strengthens the BUY. Equity Sim confirms the TP at 0.41. According to press rumors KKR would have presented a commitment for 7 billion of investments on the network. However, the reference period is not clear and therefore it is difficult to compare this commitment with current estimates (we estimate 5.4 billion in investment expenditure for NetCo over the three-year period 2023-2025). On the potential counteroffer, press sources assume the presentation of one proposed by CDP and Macquarie before Tim’s February 24 Board meeting,” which according to some press sources should not be very far from 20 billion, the experts underline. Today’s close was at €0.3 down 1.57%

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The spread extends the decline to 181 basis points, with the 10-year yield Italian at 4.1% on the secondary market.



Pfalling prices. US crude inventories have reached a months high and the Federal Reserve is keen to raise interest rates. Brent fell 2.20% to 83.22 a barrel


Stable at 53 to the megawattora


Euro at 1.077 against the dollar, +0,5%.


At $1,880 an ounce, +0,3%.

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