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Piccolotti (AVS): “The Meloni government is split. On Cospito it confuses the waters”

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Piccolotti (AVS): “The Meloni government is split. On Cospito it confuses the waters”

Interview with the parliamentarian of the Italian Left/Green Alliance

Although very busy with a busy calendar of commitments in the territories, Elisabetta Piccolotti meets Affaritaliani.it to take stock of both the final rush for the regional elections and the general picture of a very hectic political phase, with the case-Cospito at the center of the controversy.

Lombardy and Lazio: two very important electoral challenges, in which the path of the centre-left is uphill. What are his feelings a week after the vote?

“Today I’m in Lombardy, where there is a certain enthusiasm for our list, certainly in an expanding phase. We find attention and curiosity in every initiative, as well as a widespread desire for change, embodied in the candidacy of Pierfrancesco Majorino. We support it with all our strength, aiming for a result that we know is unexpected for many. And for some pollsters too. But we believe in it.”

In Lazio, the level of difficulty is much higher, agree?

“Objectively, it’s a more complicated situation. While in Lombardy the right splits and the center-left is united, unfortunately in Lazio the Pd and M5S repeat the mistake of the political elections, appearing divided. We did not agree with this choice. We are making an effort to give representation to the list in the regional council, but frankly it seems to me difficult to achieve a reversal of the polls. In this context, however, we must have a garrison of ecological progressives in the council “.

“Save the Planet” is the motto of the membership campaign that the Italian Left has just launched: how is it going and what goals have you set for yourself?

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“We want to build a stronger political entity than the one seen in recent years, keeping firmly in mind the prospect of an alliance with the Greens. The signs are very comforting and I am referring to concrete data such as the notable growth in donations of 2 per thousand compared to the previous year. The phase in which the left had fallen to insignificant percentages has finally come to an end and there are now many opportunities for growth, also because the social and environmental issues are fundamental for the younger generations: it is no coincidence that we have a very high consensus in this age group and we are rejuvenating the party”.

Do you also expect to intercept the votes of the disappointed Pd, which is heading into the primaries in the most difficult phase of its history?

“Yes, as on the other hand it has already happened in an important way in the last policies. A part of the current electorate of the Democratic Party could certainly support our effort to innovate and define an eco-socialist proposal from the left. It is evident that a part of this world wants a party with clearer, clearer and more courageous positions than those too often fielded by the Democratic Party in recent years. Obviously, we hope that in addition to our growth there will also be a recovery of the progressive coalition in a broader sense: we need to join forces with those of the Democratic Party and the M5S to go back to beating a right that is doing more damage than it was the majority of citizens could have imagined”.

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The Donzelli-Cospito affair was the last the events of war between the majority and you in the opposition: how does this issue fit into the budget for the first 100 days of the Meloni government?

“The Meloni government is affected by a strong and continuous contradiction. I am confused about many issues, especially the economy and low wages, which are the real priorities of the country. Justice is certainly no exception, on which the majority is clearly split between guarantors like Nordio and the many justicialists. It is clear that Meloni cannot manage this balance and unfortunately the Cospito case is used to generate further confusion. Instead, I believe that his story should be separated from the rest of the discussion on 41 bis, wiretapping and justice in general. This is a very particular case: when a prisoner loses his life, in the hands of the State, we are faced with a gigantic problem, also of an ethical nature. We must therefore evaluate the question posed by his hunger strike from a human point of view, without forgetting that many jurists argue that in his case the 41 bis is not adequate, as communications with the outside world could be filtered with the defined regime of ‘high surveillance’. The government’s tightening seems truly ideological and political propaganda, but a person’s life should arouse calm reflections and not polemical tones like those of these days”.

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