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piedmont. Scaffolding and packed buildings, construction is driving the recovery

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TURIN. These days, to realize which is the most exciting sector, it is enough to look up while walking in the city: the symbol of an entrepreneurial fabric that is seeing the recovery are the cranes in the construction sites and the “packed” buildings that emerge in every corner of Street.

This is what the Unioncamere report on 2021 affirms, the year in which the number of companies in Piedmont began to grow again. The merit is above all of one of the sectors that over the years have suffered the most from the crisis, construction, driven by the powerful pull of incentives.

In fact, according to data from the Chambers of Commerce, 24,958 new companies were born in Piedmont in 2021. The jump is + 19.2% compared to the 20,942 new registrations registered during 2020. The result of the pre-pandemic year, 2019, when 25,972 companies were born, was just missed.

In general, net of the 20,288 terminations (7.4% less than 2020 and even 26.2% less than 2019), the balance finally appears positive at 4,670 units. A phenomenon, is explained in the survey, “which marks the inversion of the previously consolidated trend of contraction of the local entrepreneurial fabric”. The strong expansion shown by the construction sector in 2021 therefore translates into a growth rate of just under 3%.

The report insists a lot on the role of construction, but other areas also appear to be expanding, for example services to people and businesses, which have a growth rate of 2%.

A positive sign, albeit slightly, for trade (+ 0.46%) and tourism “which despite the strong difficulties caused by the pandemic is maintaining and registering substantial stability”. The result of industry in the strict sense was weakly negative (-0.17%), while a more evident decline characterizes the agricultural sector (-0.64%).

«The Piedmontese entrepreneurial fabric is recovering: on the one hand, new registrations have increased, and on the other hand terminations have decreased. The data show that the trend in enrollments is correlated with the economic outlook, as well as influenced by diversified sectoral trends and by public support policies. In particular, the strong expansion marked by the construction sector is evident », comments the president of Unioncamere Gian Paolo Coscia.

The role of building locomotive is set to continue throughout the year. In fact, all the main facilitations continue, not to mention the push coming from the NRP as regards infrastructures. At the provincial level, the best figure for 2021 belongs to the capital, with Turin showing a growth rate of + 1.64%. Novara also shows a better than average dynamic, with + 1.26%. Verbania and Vercelli respectively recorded a growth rate of + 0.63% and + 0.53% Southern Piedmont, which while maintaining positive indicators, is struggling: the province of Alessandria grows by 0.49%), just over Cuneo (+ 0.40%) and Asti (+ 0.22%). Finally, the least intense growth belongs to the Biellese companies (+ 0.13%). –

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